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Institutions and Amoebae

Posted by Bob on January 21st, 2011 under Coaching Session

We know that one-celled animals do not have “wants” in our sense of the word. Yet we also know that they will get away from water that is too hot or too cold. Institutions are exactly like that.

Like one-celled beings institutions are evolved by competition. The less successful ones die. But the result is the same. Institutions are very much alike and very predictable, because they compete in the same waters and you can predict what the survivors will be like.

If you can’t look at things this way the world becomes a Conspiracy. The problem with a Conspiracy was covered by Benjamin Franklin over two centuries ago when he said, “Three men can keep a secret, if two of them are dead.”

There is another problem with conspiracies. No one in the real world is that SMART. When you have spent your career watching people at the top scrambling to meet crises, the idea that someone has the whole world all mapped out is very hard to credit.

Institutions, like one-celled beings, come in a variety of types that compete for entirely different things. A lot of historians like to note that Odinism had a Trinity, Odin, Thor and Freya. That sounds good, but it is not clear and in any case Odinism at that time was COMPETING with another trinity called Christianity.

If Communism had its youth group, the Komsomols, Nazism would get its Hitler Youth. If Communism had its hammer and sickle, Nazism would get is swastika. Competing institutions look very much alike, just as one-celled beings do.

According to Islam, it will be Jesus who comes down to the Judgment. Islam is a mixture of its two main competitors and forerunners, Judaism and Christianity. Even Iranian Shi’ism is attributed to the special influence of Zoroastrianism and regards all other Moslems as heretics.

Those of us who are only really familiar with the three Jehovan religions do not realize how alike they are. We have real trouble understanding most religions where a specific God is nonexistent, as in Buddhism, or multiple gods as in Hinduism.

We have extreme difficulty with Political Correctness as a religion because it has a Satan, Hitler, and no Jehovah. We don’t understand the many religions that had their own Holy Prostitution exactly as we have our Holy Virginity.

We KNOW it, but we don’t UNDERSTAND it. Deep down we simply do not believe those were RELIGIONS, real religions, even though we know that their followers were as dedicated and faithful to them as we can ever be to ours.

We do not realize that the religions we know, Christianity, Islam and Judaism, look almost exactly alike to any other culture. Wordism takes the words so seriously it does not even see the obvious fact that, whatever the original Books say, these three institutions that survive by competing with each other are going to look as alike to the real world as different forms of Buddhism or Taoism do to us.

Each of our forms of Jehovism sees itself as The Only True Faith. In the competition, only the few that had that doctrine could survive. But in other societies not only is there no One True Faith, but each survives by NOT fighting it out to the death.

It depends, in short, on the PEOPLE, not on the WORDS.

The mainline Protestant denominations dropped precipitously in the last century while the population went up. The Catholic Church had a fairly heavy conversion rate until Vatican II when it decided to be as much like the obviously dying Anglican Church as it could be.

Evangelicals converted so many millions in Latin America they were on the way to becoming the dominant religion there. But the fire is out and they are doing their best to be just like everybody else. It no longer uses the fundamentalism because the people its leaders want to become, in part think it’s dirty.

What the leaders come to want is not the same thing that makes an institution grow.

So you see that institutions are a separate evolutionary study from everything we are used to looking at in our Wordist way. For any serious political knowledge, that blind spot is exactly like trying to understand astronomy while insisting that the earth is the center of the universe.

Wordism, after all, no matter what form it takes, puts words at the center of our universe.

  1. #1 by Dave on 01/21/2011 - 10:51 am

    Every doctrine is simultaneously explanatory, justifying, and enabling. What is enabled is somebody’s dominance over others – in other words, political dominion. So doctrines are motivated, be they philosophical, religious, or legal. There is always a class of beneficiaries, but sometimes only one.

    But what do we do when the majority of our entire race can’t come to grips with the fact that war is being made upon us? That is our plight as whites.

    The primary technique of this war is doctrinal and it expresses itself as a REGIME OF DEFAMATION.

    It necessarily becomes RELIGIOUS in character. That is inevitable and our enemies always assume the posture of INQUISITORS and INTERROGATORS.

    The entire so-called RIGHT WING is unable to come to grips with this fact. It is why we are plagued with all these schmucks from AmRen, to Limbaugh, to Savage, to………ect, etc, ect. They are dancing around and running away from the reality of the defamatory brutality of our enemies. They always think that there is some sort of “argument” going on and pretend they are debaters. “Argument” is not what is going on. War is what is going on.

    There is no way to get the truth into somebody’s head unless they undergo some sort cellular transformation. It has to be that basic. That is why it is not enough to “get” the Mantra. The Mantra has to be coupled with personal transformation at the “cellular” level in order to get results. You have to get it through your head (at the genuine gut level) how vile the beasts we are confronting really are. If you are not in a rage of real hatred against them, there is something wrong with you.

    It is a matter of coming to grips with the reality of war. The Mantra is us suiting up in armor. Whitakeronline, BUGS, National Salvation are training sites for RESISTANCE to interrogation and defamation. They are training sites for fighting beasts.

    Believing in conspiracies leads us away from effective resistance. The primary attribute of our enemies is not conspiracy. IT IS BRUTALITY. Come to grips with the enemy’s brutality. How can you become a fit fighter and fail to do that?

    But that is precisely where most of us fail. Most of us simply cannot emotionally come to grips with the sheer magnitude of the brutality of Political Correctness. On and scale of 1 to 10, Political Correctness is at the “10” level for its sheer evil and brutal character. Political Correctness is no outlier in history. It is really and truly atavistic and brutal stuff.

    No theory of conspiracy is required. This is war. This is what war is.

  2. #2 by Simmons on 01/21/2011 - 11:30 am

    The Confederate re-enactors guilds being some of the worst examples of the professional loser class. Gin up a few supporters with some fancy wordism, parade them about with some old flags get their supporters called “racist” have support melt away, wonder why there is no support, repeat, send money. Oh god send money.

    Had a debate with Mike Hill about this at alt-right, a totally clueless man, absolutely totally positively clueless, send money.

    Do you know how success is measured with these folks? How many professors sign up to be called racist, yep and send money.

  3. #3 by BGLass on 01/21/2011 - 2:11 pm

    Made me think: Adoption is just like Abortion— (as opposed to being told that one is “murder” and the other “charity).

    Just as psychiatry moved amoeba-like into buildings vacated by cured lepers, which had left a lot of real estate, religions float, then connect at different points to each other; and also, each connect to PC at different places, also.

    Like fundamentalists used to get excited over “education” since it ensured kids could read scripture. As the Bible Belt continues to be “developed,” as if Children of Founders are just a bunch of sub-Saharan Africans, (and b/c white Peace Corp workers would rather deal with whites but can’t admit it openly, and they like the countryside and want to use the public money they get in a cleaner environment than the real Africa) reading has ceased to be important in education (in the old school sense). To other religions, “reading,” is about “getting ahead in life,” NOT necessary for salvation, so no one cares about literacy in the same way, not really.

    Many U.S. Religions still believe deep down, that reading is heresy waiting to happen and should be left to high preists! Don’t think too much! That’s what happened to Jim Jones or something. This sure seduction of satan through the written word requires a matter of very slow approach and “degrees.” Less literacy. Reading can be very dangerous!

    People from “true doctrines” of any sort convert to pc and do “missions” for “pc converts, and “save” people for it, and take “confessions” about it on t.v., and hammer with missionary zeal the “anti-racism” or “charity of foreign adoption” or whatever—that kind of thing. Old wine in the new wine skins.

    Daily confessions of racism —like on t.v. now– look totally weird to people who never had to do confessions in a church. They do it— but only out of fear for their jobs, never b/c they internalized the idea of confession, and they feel NO catharsis at all, only hateful and angry at this weird country.

    Others get mad, too, since they never had slaves, anyway. Or if jews are involved, people start saying the confessions are going on too long. (The public is saying this now). Jews don’t realize there is a moratorium on just how long you can go on beating people— They don’t have forgiveness, so nobody told them jesus can only punish for so long.

    Adopting non-whites which has nothing to do with Religion, per se, but has comes to signify “closer with God,” in the prideful glance as mama pushes grocery carts of foreign spawn around. Non-whites are visible proof Mommy Prof has denied the flesh, even if she thinks of herself as atheist.

    “Abortion is choice” but never “Adoption is murder.”

    From the point of view of a girl, though, you kill HER baby, either way. And for a child adopted b/c of DIFFERENCE (proving Mama Prof is a pure soul and can’t “see color”– it is a paradox. The child signifies to Mom that “color doesn’t matter and I am HOLY,” but for the poor child–they were chosen mostly b/c of color. Nobody says, “the so-and-sos adopted a kid.” They say, ‘they adopted chinese.” Or ‘they adopted a black kid.”

    If they say, “I don’t care about color.” You can say, “lol, prove that to your kid, for God’s sake.”

    White girls wonder why they’re protected somewhat (about half the time) from Abortion but never from Adoption—which is even more of a pitfall, really (from their point of view as aspiring mothers). Why doesn’t your country want her babies? Why is she not as good as a Mexican? Her soul is simply destroyed over it.

    In the antebellum south, black slaves hardly had to abort their own babies, then adopt asians in order to be holy and at one with God while doing public t.v. confessions and show trials.

    Increased immigration (more headsets) makes it ever harder to field all this crap.

  4. #4 by BGLass on 01/21/2011 - 2:23 pm

    P.S.: I’m not saying the ONLY reason they created the (myths of) “Appalachia” was b/c greasy public feeders wanted to spend tax money in a beautiful mountain setting peopled with whites. Anyway, the adoption/abortion idea could be developed.

  5. #5 by Gavin on 01/22/2011 - 7:18 pm

    “We have extreme difficulty with Political Correctness as a religion because it has a Satan, Hitler, and no Jehovah.”

    I’m going to have to disagree with you there. Political Correctness has quite a few “Jehovahs”

    Martin Luther King jr.
    Nelson Mandela

    MLK is such a “Jehovah” to the American PC religion that they literally have a holiday (Holy Day) to praise, worship and give thanks to him.

    If anyone DARES criticize these holy figures they are denounced as “racist” the modern word for “blasphemous.”

    “Racism” is exactly the same thing to Political Correctness that “Heresy” was to Christianity. All of us on B.U.G.S are modern day heretics, apostates or heathens.

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