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Judaism and Zoroastrianism

Many people still look at religions by quoting their texts. Since each religious institution, like each country, is the product of its PEOPLE, this Wordism leaves them stuck in Never-Never Land and unlikely ever to leave it.

The old Judaism grew up in the Middle East. It was one of the very few of the thousands of smaller religions that survived the competition as society became larger.

In the time of Herodotus all of the Middle East was part of Persian Empire. He traveled on the Persian Roads in the same way that historians tell us that European travelers went on Roman Roads.

To Herodotus, in fact, as to our own historians, the Middle East was the wellspring of everything. Herodotus devoted his studies to proving that Greek gods were derived from the Egyptian ones. In fact, in that way he sounds so much like a modern historian that it sounds as familiar as it is absurd.

Herodotus spent his lifetime desperately trying to hammer the Aryan Greek Pantheon into the totally alien Egyptian Pantheon, just as historians now try to hammer the progress of Europe into something called the Renaissance, which seriously tries to say that everything we do came from Ancient Books.

What we actually got from this Renaissance crap was things like a capitol and “classical” monuments that any Roman or Greek would have laughed himself to tears about. Our history looks as ridiculous as our architecture when we try to insist that Calculus had its origins in Roman Numerals.

In the Persian Empire religions took on the look of Zoroastrianism. Jews were not monotheistic until they became part of the Persian Empire:

“No other gods BEFORE ME” as any literate person notes by now.

Zoroastrianism is by far the oldest monotheistic faith, and was The Only True Faith. But, like Judaism, it was limited to a select people: Aryans Only. There were probably a hundred sizable Only True Faiths that grew up like Judaism limited to ITS Chosen People.

Today all Jehovans are desperate to forget Zoroastrianism ever existed. As I said in “Silence IS Consent,” that is the method institutions use rather than disputing their rivals. Once established, they burn the records and make up their own history.