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Size Matters

I just did a piece about how wildly expensive a few words can be. How much cold cash would Nike have demanded to stop using he words, “Just Do It?”

The term “Jewish Wet Dream” to describe the epitome of anti-white glory, a blonde girl and a black guy, takes a split second to say and tells a complete story. In order to denounce it, one has to talk at length about how Jews– in their open alliance with blacks — do not grin with pleasure when pro-white feelings are offended by this hideous and unnatural spectacle.

Any argument anyone makes only emphasizes the point.

Whenever any Jew starts with “I am Jewish and …” he is about to make an anti-white point. There is no reason why a white man who is constantly insulted this way would not have a grudge against Jews in general, the same way that Jews in general react negatively to white Southerners.

But you can halt that with Jewish Wet Dream, meaning we can be offended, too.

I used a term in another article that maybe useful and not take time from concentration on the Mantra. I tried hard to come up with a name for all the bots that are programmed to reject the Mantra — a fact on which I congratulate our very small army.

I called them desbots.

This is a term the whole Free Internet Movement could adopt.

When the billionaires parade around saying THEY don’t mind paying higher taxes, I call them what they are: Billionaire Bullies. The head of a small business, if it survives, becomes one of the “rich” those taxes are aimed at.

The owner of a successful restaurant will make two hundred thousand dollars a year, but it is only a matter of time before his business goes out of favor. Taxes are very important to him.

Taxes make no difference at all to Bill Gates, Senior, who regularly leads a group of billionaires to demand higher taxes.

By the way, I have news for those Bullying Billionaires. There is a provision for them to give money to the Federal Government on their own. They don’t need a tax law to do it. Ted Turner gave a billion dollars to the United Nations bureaucracy out of his own pocket when things were booming.

It was stupid of Turner, but he wasn’t demanding that the government make small businessmen be FORCED to give their survival money to the UN.

One person on General Comments 5 said he was having fun really working on getting the most out of our hit and run tactics in dealing with the desbots.

I agree. This is fascinating work.