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Sixties Lesson I: Screaming at the Weakest Generation

For those of you to whom the 1960s are ancient history, the Old Man would like to explain what happened then that we can make use of.

First of all, as I mentioned before, the headline radicals were almost all New York Jews, and they silenced the Weakest Generation which was then in control. Unlike young people today, the Weakest Generation associated screaming with What They Deserved.

The Weakest Generation still had a Stockholm Syndrome from the so-called training administered to them by sergeants who screamed in their faces. Basic training was to make “dog-faces,” obedient dogs or less than dogs. Actually no professional pet trainer, even in the early forties, would use those tactics on a dog.

New York Jews are a special breed. I remember that the most heated anti-Semitic diatribe I had ever heard when I was in high school — and I had heard the Klan — was from one of my sophomores I went to lunch with.

He used words that I had never heard before, but that clearly made kike or yid sound like a term of endearment.

It should be noted that sometime during his diatribe I came to understand that he was a South Carolina Jew and half of his synagogue was made up of immigrant New York Jews.

New York Jews were notorious, and we understood his fury. We could avoid them but he couldn’t.

When I was in grammar school the older kid who led us across the street from the school bus was hit by a speeding car that didn’t pay any attention to some hick school bus laws. The kid was lying on the ground white as a sheet, I mean really white as a sheet, with the muscles hanging out of his leg and screaming.

The long-nosed guy with the New York plates was actually walking around shouting, “How much is this going to cost me? How much is this going to cost me?”

It doesn’t take a Goebbels to dislike a person like that.

In public, the New York Jews in the sixties screamed and the Weakest Generation, which was at its height of power just then, instantly backed down. The more the radicals insulted them, the more they backed down.

Just like they had done with their sergeants.