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Sixties Lesson 2: The Weakest Generation Couldn’t Defend Its Basics

Sixties Lessons 1 was that the World War II Generation, which had been made the weakest generation through government impositions on the entire population but especially by twelve million of what were once free young American males being put through basic training, could not stand up to the screaming Bella Abzug-Abbie Hoffman type screaming Jews who took over in the 60s.

Whoever stood in front of them screaming in their face was Authority to the Weakest Generation.

Sixties Lesson 2 is what happened when those screaming lefties attacked all of the Weakest Generation’s basic values. No previous generation of Americans would have tolerated what goes on our Mexican border or the Courts dictating to us the way they do.

But in a way the WWII sergeant was the Weakest Generation’s Mommy Professor. They left home for the first time and were taught what the Real World was like. The real world was getting kicked and coming up smiling.

Basic Training said that you had no right to any emotion or any opinion. This the twelve million took as adulthood, whereas childhood was being coddled. Eighty-year-old men brag that real life was learning how to make up your bed so tight a quarter would bounce off of it.

WWII sergeants had very, very little to teach anybody about Real Life. When they recruited in my youth, they would say that “You’ll never get rich” in the Army, but there will always be a bed and a cafeteria for you.

The military was, in short, for those who would settle for security. Most of the WWII vets I knew had never had a passport. That sort of thing was handled for them. What I am saying is that they were not the people most experienced with reality.

Just as Mommy Professor is almost invariably somebody who entered College at eighteen and never left it, sergeants were people who entered the army and never left it. Kids thought they were sophisticated, because they were at home on military bases around the world just as Mommy Professors are thought to be sophisticated because they are at home at Harvard or Oxford or an Asian university.

But it is not sophistication to be at home on different army bases or at different universities. They’re all the same.

So, like yuppies today repeating what Mommy Professor told them, the World War II Generation was beaten into making their “adulthood” into the macho crap slammed into them by some of the least sophisticated people on earth.

It is incredible that we have to TELL people that immigration and assimilation is for ALL white countries and ONLY for all white countries. But it is not so incredible if you remember that the whole concept of adulthood since the Weakest Generation took over has been blind obedience.

Both the sergeants and the Mommy Professors teach that adulthood is learning to obey, to repeat, not to think outside their box.

And since half of those twelve million used the GI Bill of Rights to go to college, they had a double dose of this fake adulthood. They went from drill sergeant to Mommy Professor.

No wonder they gave the world away.