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Reply to Creator in Iceland

Creator asks:

2 weeks ago, our Mantra video caught a big wave, here in Iceland, that is now riding it self out.
I want to find another wave, so to speak, to force this into higher circles in our society. To keep this alive and to continue the hammering on the anti-whites on different levels. Not that I find you tube great and will continue fighting the good fight there but to expand the reach.
“How do I, a lowly private, get the “a lot higher ups” attention?” “How do I get people to talk about Race all the time, openly and freely?” and so on.
I ask this because the only real reaction yet, to our Mantra video was a single article in a popular on-line media a couple of day’s ago were a “conservative respectable” wrote that we should be silenced because we “abused” what he called freedom of speech. I sent an article back today with our points, of course but am wondering about further steps to our advantage. Then we had a huge smear campaign in a tabloid.
No one is really taking the Mantra to heart here, except me, and no one is openly attacking it.
I need to find a way to provoke a “higher” up attack or find a way to attack them directly to their face in public.
Or, perhaps, it is better to let things “brew” for a bit…. let the “original shock wave” cool down a bit…???? What do you all think?

I don’t know that we have ranks in BUGS, but I think that I am rankest one here.

In a small population like that of Iceland, you could have cheap copies made of the Mantra and hand it out in front of the Althing or elsewhere.

This is not easy. For those of you who have never done it, getting out on the streets is a scary thing at first, so this is just a suggestion.

Let’s have some more input. This question is certainly not of concern only in Iceland.