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A commenter discussed how a pro-white organization that tries to be mainstream discussed white traitors. They looked down from their heights and said calmly that those whites were only hurting themselves.

Damn if I look at them that way. In all of western culture there is nothing lower than a traitor. It is entertaining to look at the lengthy explanations of Dante’s Tenth Circle, the worst part of Hell which is frozen. They use all kinds of explanations like “a person who betrayed his benefactor.”

But the Tenth Circle is very simple.

It is for traitors.

Our Germanic legends tell of men who fought to the death around their dead leader’s body. If Infidel is the curse word of the Levantine world, traitor is the ultimate denunciation of ours.

In fact, the words are very similar. Levantine society is divided into religions rather than territorial nations. Every Moslem people adopts Arabic script. Yiddish is old German, but it is written in Hebrew letters.

An infidel is not just a wrong believer. The actual word means one who betrayed God.

Treason is the greatest crime any social animal can commit.

But there is a tremendous distinction to be made here that no Wordist would think of. It is a big one to us.

You see, a person may be loyal to respectability. National Review and liberals, to my mind, have only one real loyalty, and that is to their consensus. Please listen to me carefully here:

The correct term is not respectable conservative, but conservative respectable. If you truly THINK about that, you will get my point. The person is not conservative first, he is respectable first. He is not only part of the “mainstream,” the mainstream is his only real loyalty.

It is not a condemnation but a definition you need when you are offended by a pro-white taking a lackadaisical attitude toward traitors. He has a sort of Buckley attitude, that nothing is important enough to get a truly sophisticated person excited.

But this is not an act, it is true attitude, because Buckley kept insisting that he was part of the establishment, that his loyalty was with the consensus, a bit politically to the right of the consensus, but when the consensus moved so would he.

These people are respectables first. Buckley was in the conservative part of the consensus, but the moment any opinion was judged to be too far out, or too far back in time, he followed his real loyalty and not only went to the new consensus, but went to it more militantly if it were suddenly a “right-wing” extremist attitude.

So what you see here are the pro-white respectables, respectable first, pro-white as a modifier. They will only get excited when they are denouncing the Klan or some other offense to the consensus where their real loyalty lies.

To all respectables, we are infidels.



Sixties Lesson 2: The Weakest Generation Couldn’t Defend Its Basics

Sixties Lessons 1 was that the World War II Generation, which had been made the weakest generation through government impositions on the entire population but especially by twelve million of what were once free young American males being put through basic training, could not stand up to the screaming Bella Abzug-Abbie Hoffman type screaming Jews who took over in the 60s.

Whoever stood in front of them screaming in their face was Authority to the Weakest Generation.

Sixties Lesson 2 is what happened when those screaming lefties attacked all of the Weakest Generation’s basic values. No previous generation of Americans would have tolerated what goes on our Mexican border or the Courts dictating to us the way they do.

But in a way the WWII sergeant was the Weakest Generation’s Mommy Professor. They left home for the first time and were taught what the Real World was like. The real world was getting kicked and coming up smiling.

Basic Training said that you had no right to any emotion or any opinion. This the twelve million took as adulthood, whereas childhood was being coddled. Eighty-year-old men brag that real life was learning how to make up your bed so tight a quarter would bounce off of it.

WWII sergeants had very, very little to teach anybody about Real Life. When they recruited in my youth, they would say that “You’ll never get rich” in the Army, but there will always be a bed and a cafeteria for you.

The military was, in short, for those who would settle for security. Most of the WWII vets I knew had never had a passport. That sort of thing was handled for them. What I am saying is that they were not the people most experienced with reality.

Just as Mommy Professor is almost invariably somebody who entered College at eighteen and never left it, sergeants were people who entered the army and never left it. Kids thought they were sophisticated, because they were at home on military bases around the world just as Mommy Professors are thought to be sophisticated because they are at home at Harvard or Oxford or an Asian university.

But it is not sophistication to be at home on different army bases or at different universities. They’re all the same.

So, like yuppies today repeating what Mommy Professor told them, the World War II Generation was beaten into making their “adulthood” into the macho crap slammed into them by some of the least sophisticated people on earth.

It is incredible that we have to TELL people that immigration and assimilation is for ALL white countries and ONLY for all white countries. But it is not so incredible if you remember that the whole concept of adulthood since the Weakest Generation took over has been blind obedience.

Both the sergeants and the Mommy Professors teach that adulthood is learning to obey, to repeat, not to think outside their box.

And since half of those twelve million used the GI Bill of Rights to go to college, they had a double dose of this fake adulthood. They went from drill sergeant to Mommy Professor.

No wonder they gave the world away.



Sixties Lesson I: Screaming at the Weakest Generation

For those of you to whom the 1960s are ancient history, the Old Man would like to explain what happened then that we can make use of.

First of all, as I mentioned before, the headline radicals were almost all New York Jews, and they silenced the Weakest Generation which was then in control. Unlike young people today, the Weakest Generation associated screaming with What They Deserved.

The Weakest Generation still had a Stockholm Syndrome from the so-called training administered to them by sergeants who screamed in their faces. Basic training was to make “dog-faces,” obedient dogs or less than dogs. Actually no professional pet trainer, even in the early forties, would use those tactics on a dog.

New York Jews are a special breed. I remember that the most heated anti-Semitic diatribe I had ever heard when I was in high school — and I had heard the Klan — was from one of my sophomores I went to lunch with.

He used words that I had never heard before, but that clearly made kike or yid sound like a term of endearment.

It should be noted that sometime during his diatribe I came to understand that he was a South Carolina Jew and half of his synagogue was made up of immigrant New York Jews.

New York Jews were notorious, and we understood his fury. We could avoid them but he couldn’t.

When I was in grammar school the older kid who led us across the street from the school bus was hit by a speeding car that didn’t pay any attention to some hick school bus laws. The kid was lying on the ground white as a sheet, I mean really white as a sheet, with the muscles hanging out of his leg and screaming.

The long-nosed guy with the New York plates was actually walking around shouting, “How much is this going to cost me? How much is this going to cost me?”

It doesn’t take a Goebbels to dislike a person like that.

In public, the New York Jews in the sixties screamed and the Weakest Generation, which was at its height of power just then, instantly backed down. The more the radicals insulted them, the more they backed down.

Just like they had done with their sergeants.



Size Matters

I just did a piece about how wildly expensive a few words can be. How much cold cash would Nike have demanded to stop using he words, “Just Do It?”

The term “Jewish Wet Dream” to describe the epitome of anti-white glory, a blonde girl and a black guy, takes a split second to say and tells a complete story. In order to denounce it, one has to talk at length about how Jews– in their open alliance with blacks — do not grin with pleasure when pro-white feelings are offended by this hideous and unnatural spectacle.

Any argument anyone makes only emphasizes the point.

Whenever any Jew starts with “I am Jewish and …” he is about to make an anti-white point. There is no reason why a white man who is constantly insulted this way would not have a grudge against Jews in general, the same way that Jews in general react negatively to white Southerners.

But you can halt that with Jewish Wet Dream, meaning we can be offended, too.

I used a term in another article that maybe useful and not take time from concentration on the Mantra. I tried hard to come up with a name for all the bots that are programmed to reject the Mantra — a fact on which I congratulate our very small army.

I called them desbots.

This is a term the whole Free Internet Movement could adopt.

When the billionaires parade around saying THEY don’t mind paying higher taxes, I call them what they are: Billionaire Bullies. The head of a small business, if it survives, becomes one of the “rich” those taxes are aimed at.

The owner of a successful restaurant will make two hundred thousand dollars a year, but it is only a matter of time before his business goes out of favor. Taxes are very important to him.

Taxes make no difference at all to Bill Gates, Senior, who regularly leads a group of billionaires to demand higher taxes.

By the way, I have news for those Bullying Billionaires. There is a provision for them to give money to the Federal Government on their own. They don’t need a tax law to do it. Ted Turner gave a billion dollars to the United Nations bureaucracy out of his own pocket when things were booming.

It was stupid of Turner, but he wasn’t demanding that the government make small businessmen be FORCED to give their survival money to the UN.

One person on General Comments 5 said he was having fun really working on getting the most out of our hit and run tactics in dealing with the desbots.

I agree. This is fascinating work.



It’s Ugly

When I was in their grad school the University of Virginia was one of the few economics departments that adhered to supply and demand. In fact, the Modern Economics of the other schools at that time would be laughed at today.

The basic answer was simple to us. We developed the field of Public Choice and two of my professors won Nobel Prizes in the field. Instead of backing away from supply and demand as was fashionable at the time, Public Choice extended the logic of supply and demand to political and other human behavior.

One of my colleagues there in the year before me became Director of Management and Budget. Another, Craig Roberts, became editor of the editorial page of the Wall Street Journal and went on from there.

My point is that this was a powerful bunch of minds that did not need complications to look smart. This is background to the following incident.

I was in the UVA grad school almost fifty years ago. A New Zealander who was part Maori asked what was wrong with intermarriage. For once a fellow grad student answered him before I did.

He said, “It’s ugly.”

I have never been able to improve on that.

The problem with what I call a Jewish Wet Dream, the black guy with the beautiful blonde that Hugh Hefner promotes so assiduously, is that it is ugly. The black guy is being sure that will be no more beautiful blondes from her.

People are always telling you loudly what Reality is. Some drunken guy at a convention kept screaming that “Mao said that power comes from the barrel of a gun!!” The guy in a bar nursing the last drink he can afford will tell you all about how everything is about money.

The term Political Correctness is purely and absolutely a Marxist term. The idea that everything is about money has penetrated our society so deeply that we don’t see its origins. But the whole world view on which Marxism is based, that social animals share all things communally and are equal so only man’s institutions make us unequal and warlike and so forth, all that has been obliterated like a horse that sat on top of the Big Bang.

Money is like water. It is enormously important if you don’t have any. But it would hard to distinguish Bill Gate’s life from that of a man with a thousandth as much money as he has.

Among desert Arabs and American Westerners, water has indeed been everything.

I once pointed out to grad student at another university that apartheid South Africa had a major immigration problem. Blacks were pouring in from all the Liberated States, and the Zulus and other indigenous groups were raising hell about it because it impacted THEIR wages and employment.

The grad student, a girl, stuck out her lower lip and replied, “The black immigrants are NOT approving of South African apartheid. They’re just there for food.”

My reply caused a lot of laughter among the students around us: “You know, when you’re starving, food can be pretty important.”

There was no serious hunger in Rhodesia. There IS starvation, the real thing, not just malnutrition, in Zimbabwe.

The African Liberation anti-whites were so desperate to achieve doesn’t get much attention now. It wouldn’t take much publicity for people to conclude that having a black leadership  becomes unimportant when food becomes everything.

Nature in humans has one real imperative. For dogs it is the production of offspring who have your smell. For eye-oriented humans, it is the production of people who LOOK like you.

When it comes to Hugh Hefner and all the anti-whites, with all my years of experience, I cannot improve on the two words, “It’s ugly.”