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ROUTINE Objections are Invaluable

One commenter pointed out that the BNP still uses the word “anti-racists” for anti-whites.

When we reach our next stage of development, such an atrocity will be greeted with a storm of objection.

But if you DON’T object you are part of the problem. Right now BUGS is where you report this sort of outrage, but BUGS is also not dedicated to sitting around and bitching to each other. This is NOT Stormfront.

You don‘t even need the citation. All you have to do is email or otherwise tell the BNP that this is an outrage.

Bitching and making a pest of yourself is not pleasant. But it is effective because it is not pleasant for those on the receiving end, either.

Working on Capitol Hill, I was impressed by how some monomaniacal “nut” could affect the congressman. Every congressman and every staffer knew that, if they said something bad about Elvis or ignored an issue they had no interest in and was not important, “Bill from Mansfield” was gong to send an outraged letter about it.

This is an entirely different picture from the one people, especially conspiracy types, have given each other of the real world. Their world view has congressmen enveloped inside the Beltway with rich donors and People Who Matter. So they tell each other that “writing your congressmen” is so much hot air.

So the letters don’t come.

I was at a tenant’s meeting the other day when our condo owners were complaining about the local utility company not listening to their need for the replacement of particularly important lights. I pointed out that each member of the State House of Representatives represents about 30,000 people, and about a thousand of them were right here in this building.

They had never done the math. A call from a state rep makes all the difference. But the old myth about how the government is run by a tiny group of Genuises kept anyone from thinking of it.

I knew a doctor whose practice had been severely limited by losing his driver’s license. I was driving him. We went to a state rep who is a barber and he, while still cutting hair, made a call that got the license back because of the doctor‘s and his patients’ special needs.

Any time anyone on our side uses “anti-racist” we can hit them with our whole message, and if we get the reputation of massing against it every time this atrocity is committed, it will do endless good in promoting our message.

Don’t try to write a masterpiece, just object to the use of this enemy term and throw in the Mantra and go on to whatever else you were doing. One of the big roadblocks to doing something is that you feel you have to do it perfectly and so you put it off. It is the ROUTINE that will make everybody aware of our message, and let “anti-white” spread around.

You don’t need the exact citation any more than an anti-white needs to read a book he is criticizing. Even if it turns out it never happened, you still would have made it clear that EVER using “anti-racist” is something you won’t stand for.

What is important is not correcting the error. What is important is using a complaint to make it clear you will no longer stand for this “anti-racist” crap.



Using the Solution to Forget the Problem

The Da Vinci Code really caught Christians off guard because all of them, not just Catholics, had assumed that Jesus was a virgin. In fact the Church became more of a fanatical anti-sex organization than it was anti-sin.

In fact, the worst sins were almost ignored in a total fanaticism over not having sex.

Then, suddenly, someone actually brought to public discussion the question of why a young Jew in 20 AD would be fanatically against marriage and children.

It was bit of a surprise when I was watching a documentary on the history of the idea of Hell and quoted a Zoroastrian on the subject in the fourth century. The Zoroastrians had been talking about Hell since centuries before the Battle of Marathon. The Zoroastrians were burning down the Greek temples for being “pagan” when the Jews were supposed to be in Persia.

Like the fact that “Noah’s” Flood was in the Gilgamesh Saga, this sort of thing really shakes up the official theological version of history.

So what is the basis of this problem for the churches? It is simply that they got so wrapped up in tying every word of the Old Testament to St. Paul’s Christianity with its thoroughly sophisticated, Zoroastrian ideas that they got their history not only wrong, but wrong to the point where they ended up making a new institution that had very little to do with Christ OR Moses.

We are not theologians here. Our interest is in the HISTORY here. We have an exact parallel.

We begin by trying to defend our racial existence. Then we find that Jews are doing their thing for their crowd, and, as is usual among humans, Jews end up being our enemies. Everybody who borders on anybody else is a Traditional Enemy, France of Germany, Germany of Russia, Turks and Greeks.

From our point of view, this is an observation, Jews border on everybody and are rooted in a hatred of everybody, and everybody who borders on them, European or Islamic, tends toward a fanatical, and logical, anti-Semitism.

Then come the institutions built on top of this reality. Inevitably every white group that was originally aimed at our survival becomes as obsessed with Jews as the institution that claimed Christ became obsessed with spaying or neutering any intelligent man or woman it could recruit.

When I quote Christ to a Christian it is just not the same as Religion, where you quote an obscure Hebrew prophet in the Old Testament.

I am not even surprised to find groups that once were pro-white arguing that we all have to assimilate for a common front against the JEWS.

Or the Communists.

Or the Masons.

Or Crime.

Or the Environment.

In the first century the intellectual environment, especially that of the intellectual St. Paul, was as permeated with the popularity of degenerate Zoroastrianism as the world of Karl Marx was permeated by Hegel’s Dialectic. Today, someone studying Marx really doesn’t understand this fashion he is writing about.

Studying Marx without knowing about Hegel is very much like studying the self-styled Christian institutions without knowing that, even when the Roman Empire was ten percent Hellenic Jews, the largest monotheistic religion on earth was that of the Magis.

So the Christian institution became obsessed with something those who read the Da Vinci Code don’t even know existed, the anti-life policy of the degenerate Zoroastrianism that, in its healthy phase, had been limited to Aryans and had a mulatto at its head when it was crushed by Islam.

The major point of a pro-Aryan religion became hostility to life itself.

Those who turn our movement into an OBSESSION with religion or anti-Semitism are not doing something new.



Supping in the Outhouse

The quickest answer to the standard first response to race traitor, “But I am white.” is “Benedict Arnold was an American, what’s your point?”

My reply in OV on SF was uncharacteristically personal but just as short:

“It’s called treason, dumbass. It happens all the time.”

The point is to dispense with this and get on to the point.

About 2400 men were engaged in the Battle of King’s Mountain. The only non-American who took part was the “British” commander, Ferguson. The battle was between American Whigs and American Tories.

The battle was fought over whether the 1200 Whigs or the 1200 Tories were traitors.

Nobody bragged that he was destroying his own country.

To me, as to any decent white man, seeing treason bragged about is like seeing someone go to the outhouse to eat dinner. How WOULD you view a person who had his meals in the outhouse?

Would you actually ARGUE with him?



Idols and Institutions

The story goes that a man went up onto a mountain and consulted with the Source of Truth. His people saw him as their leader and his going onto the mountain began with their celebration of his doing so.

But when he came back from the Mountain, his people were doing what everybody did. Instead of welcoming him back and listening raptly to what he had learned, as they had so unanimously sworn to do a week before, they had gone back to what everybody did, they had built themselves an idol and were worshipping it.

In 1969, after an unprecedented program, a man stood on the Moon. All the world watched breathlessly.

This was an epochal triumph, and everyone felt it.

When the astronauts arrived back on earth, we were back to arguing whether Truth was in Sara Palin’s Protestant distortion of the institutions built on her Protestant construction, National Review’s Catholic Golden Calf, different versions of Karl Marx’s proposed Universal Institution, the Libertarian Final Solution to All Problems, and so forth in their thousands and millions.

As one astronaut put it, “I expected to see the first man on the Moon in my lifetime, but I never imagined I would see the LAST.“

Moses must have felt the same way coming from the Mountain as this man felt after returning from the Moon.

Like Moses’ followers, we drifted right back to building and worshipping idols in a few days after he was out of sight.

Today the symbol of Science is a windmill. Around the windmill is an institution, a worldwide bureaucracy dedicated to stagnation and the ersatz morality they throw together each week.



Mantra Discipline

One commentator said that repeating the Mantra is not the be all and end all.

My reply is that you had better be damned good, professional at this, before you try to improve on it. Regulars seminar members will learn, IN ACTION, how to get our Mantra message across in different situations or when they have more or less time than usual, BUT LET US NEVER FORGET WHAT THINGS WERE LIKE PRE-MANTRA.

Nothing would be easier than to slide back into the Stormfront, News and Jews, IQ Tests and Crime, immigration law crap that has damned near destroyed us. Just a little letup in our discipline and you will be asking those around you what happened to this rolling over the enemy we have been doing?

I’ve seen it happen. Granted the Mantra has never gone anywhere near this far in all the years I have fought for it. But time and again a few people would actually get the Mantra and then slide back to the old ways.

Our people are improving on the Mantra, but only the ones who have really mastered it. Very few of our top spokesmen really even understand it, and some who have interviewed me have gunked it up or admitted they really didn’t get it, though they said they were all for it.

I am delighted that the pros in our crowd are learning to be more elastic with the Mantra Message, but this is the first t time I have EVER felt someone had mastered it enough not to begin a rush back toward the old N&J bit.

Now that we have it, for God’s sake let’s not loosen our discipline.

Deciding to “improve” the Mantra before you have mastered the technique is one disaster I have been witnessing for years.

No one but Bob has been THROUGH this, so listen to me here. LEARN before you decide you are good enough to improve.

We are so many miles further along than I have ever been before that it is indescribable. I usually didn’t get as far as the “Don’t be so rigid” bit. I stayed at the “DUHH!” stage for decades.

They were LONG decades and I am the only one who went through them, so pardon if I pound away at this.

What is great now is that our old pros here are bragging that some of the huge number of new practitioners actually call THEM to order on Mantra discipline. It is great the new ones are doing it, it is equally great how the old pros recognize this as great.

Once you GET the Mantra, it is hard to understand why other people in the movement, DON’T. Believe me, I know that. But it is a reality. In fact, that is the very mental block that the other side uses, and it is a biggie.

They can talk to you about destroying our race without mentioning it. They only talk about Tolerance, Guilt, and the other stuff, and leave out the point that all this Tolerance and race-mixing is for white countries ONLY. No wonder our own people find this mental block so hard to overcome.

But before you decide to go back to piloting by the seat of your pants, you damned will remember the mental block we are up against.