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Fresh Meat!

It has been YEARS since one single anti-white has had the guts to take me on.

I practically wiped them out in the Opposing Views section of Stormfront. Anti-whites allow no dissenting views in public discussion.

But this is useful because year after year I keep talking about how anti-whites talk and one could get the impression that the stereotype I give is so stupid that I am hammering a straw man.

This is the response I have been talking about for years:

1) Denying there is such a things as white people;

2) screaming about how evil white people are;

3) justifying genocide;

4) wishing for genocide;

And, of course,

5) Saying that we should not be allowed to speak because I am an evil man.

I defy you to find anything else in this anti-white comment than the above points, which I have been describing for years.

Here it is:

You, Mr. Whitaker, are a horrible human being. You obviously have a severely skewed view of the world.

I know this will be deleted because none of you can stand hearing the reality of your hatred and ignorance.

Am I white? Yes. Do I think that I am better for it? No, The quality of human life has nothing to do with race. And as far as a “White country,” you could not be more mistaken.

First: The original inhabitants of America where, of course, native Americans.

Second: It was Africans who where brought here as prisoners who settled first in order to tend land used by wealthy European traders.

And third: There is no plan to assimilate the “white race” and this is because there is no such thing as a white race.

The concept of race is false.

You are all wrong. But just as the most foolish of men, you cannot bear to see the folly of your ways.

You will all be much happier when you realize the world is for all people. And yes we will all be brown one day.

I hope all your daughters marry black men