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This is the Big Leagues

I just wrote a piece, “Here Comes the Cavalry!” hoping you would understand why I have such a hard time listening to your You Tube and other broadcasts. I literally have papers to prove how bad it is for me after all those years wearing myself out writing speeches.

In fact, just about the You Tube I actually looked at lately was when I was told that a good-looking girl was doing it. Let me assure you that my interest was entirely intellectual.

Trust me. I was in politics, you know.

But my experience is useful. For example, it is a lot harder to write a short column every day than it is to write one long one each week.

But the best example I can come up with is to say that one person writing a book, unless he is one of the New York Times favorites, is hell of a lot of work for him and his editor, but compared to the effort put into a simple, short slogan, it is trivial.

“The Pause That Refreshes,” “Just DO It.” There are hundreds of these slogans that everyone knows is connected to one product.

And that, of course, is the point.

Lord knows how many dollars went into the Army’s slogan “Be All You Can Be” and then its switch to “An Army of One.” But this is a difference I have to point out.


Short is HARD WORK.

We act like professionals because our effort is to make the Mantra SHORTER. You may tend to forget that the whole rest of the pro-white movement tends to believe a book is impressive by its weight.

Those short slogans that are copyrighted by companies and worth a hundred million dollars took years to hammer out. Someone may have mentioned it, but it didn’t go into the market the next day.

As I told you before, direct mail, which is a hell of a lot cheaper than something like A Pause That Refreshes, evolved through a statistical process made of thousands of test mailings. The length of each sentence is varied in one test, a single word will be used in one and another single word in another test.

Direct mail evolved through thousands of such statistical checks. Try to imagine what a billion-dollar company’s slogan goes through.

I often wonder what General Comments 5 looks like to a pro-white who first sees it. Some of our experienced people cut the use of words so thin that, if words were money, they would make Shylock look like a Big Spender.

But that is not all there is to it, of course. We are used to posting where we will get only one shot and then the desbot cuts us off. So sometimes you have to get all you can in once.

There are thousands of people who make luxurious livings working day and night to fit in exactly as many words as will fit and give the message.

This is the big leagues.