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Old Blighty, Let’s Learn From the Mental Torture We Have Suffered

When I wrote about no specific policy demands until we are allowed to talk openly about the whole subject of white genocide, Old Blighty asked,

“Are you saying those of us that want genocide tribunals, should not discuss our desire for them? I understand if that is the case. Practical politics requires discipline.”

Let me say first that the word “tribunals” gives anti-whites too much ammunition to call us dangerous. When I precluded the word “revolution,” I really meant just be sure you aren’t giving them ammunition.

In many cases what we are doing cannot be called anything BUT revolution. But words are our ammunition. Just be sure it doesn’t blow up in your face.

Almost every mistake I advise you against is one I have made over and over and over, ad nauseam. Frankly, the reason a warning bell goes off inside me when we discuss what will happen to them after because I like it too much.

One thing that most people do not realize is that people like me and BBG have been flayed mentally for half a century. We were not allowed to reply.

There is a term for that. It’s called mental torture. I have had to curb my temper all this time. Some conservative who blandly agreed to get rid of my race I had to treat as if I respected him if our cause was to survive.

After a lifetime of mental torture, it is a little hard not to love the idea of the other side getting theirs. For some of us who have suffered mental torture, it may be a necessary relief.

I have thought a LOT about what the punishment should be.

Although it is not to do what the enemy does as a lot of people like to say, in this case we could take the whole page right out of their book.

My idea is that we should make heirs and survivors, those billionaires and those large companies, pay MONEY for what is being done.

Think about it. Big, loud tribunals have a limited life span. But rewards for informants of just one or two percent of the money they bring in will last FOREVER.

I am very serious about this. You can take money from rich people more or less indefinitely.

BIG money.

Big, big, BIG money.

Fines are not considered punishment in the same way the word “tribunal” implies. I love the idea of a future where they live like we do, never knowing when someone is going to get to the heirs of one of their ancestors who put a paid ad in the New York Times and argue that they are therefore responsible for the whole history of that publication.

Informers are going to make arguments like that, and we will sit back and help them have their fun. The entire history of the anti-white movement will be known to everybody without our saying a word.

We can pay off the national debt just as a start, with all the Gateses and their like involved. The whole history of this whole thing will be exposed DAILY.

The point is that they want us to sound like totalitarians, because every time someone imposes a totalitarian regime they point to other tyrannies. But cutting taxes by nailing race traitors is not bloody. It is more a civil action than a criminal one.

But those of us who have suffered years of mental torture are well aware that a straight prison sentence can be a lot kinder than spending your entire life wondering when somebody, somewhere, is going to comedown on you.

There is even a certain joy in being a martyr to a cause, but we will not give them that. We will just turn a lot of billionaires into multimillionaires. You can’t attach a Nazi label to that, but it is far, far more permanent under its own steam and it will NEVER go away.

This is a lesson I got out of a lifetime of mental torture.

We don’t jail people. We don’t shoot people. We just make sure the dread lasts their entire lives.

Liberals did that to us, and it is very effective.