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What Happens When People are Trained not to THINK

If you ever want an example of how Mantra Thinking applies to everything, not just race, this one is a good start.

A previous article talked about the professional environmentalists’ demand that the European nuclear collider be abandoned because of cost overruns. What hit me was that the article said “Environmentalists see this AS THEIR OPPORTUNITY to end the collider program.”

The collider is part of a long-term scientific program to solve the energy problem by scientific means rather than a world rationing program like that in the Kyoto Treaty.

Note the wording, “See it as their OPPORTUNITY…”. Since my 1976 book I have not seen anybody talk about the natural growth of the competition between bureaucratic state movement and hard science. This sentence shows that, while most people reading the latest thing from Oprah or Iraq never think of such things, it is obvious to those on the scene.

Environmentalism is against all scientific programs that might solve the problem they are trying to build a world-wide rationing system on. The collider takes up twelve billion dollars that could hire Mommy Professor’s social science graduates.

When I say it in plain English, it sounds absurd, but the author of the article cited above clearly sees the conflict and takes it for granted.

This is much like the fact that articles regularly discuss “Is Eastern Europe Ready for Large Scale Immigration Yet?” and it seems a natural subject. It would make everybody wonder what would happen if an article asked, “Is Taiwan ready for Large Scale Immigration?”

The response would be, “That’s up to Taiwan and it’s none of your damned business.” But everyone knows why such articles on Eastern Europe are taken for granted. In fact, they take it so much granted they never ask why:

Because Eastern Europe is WHITE, of course!

The average college graduate would say “DUHH!” if the question of Mommy Professor’s statism versus science — were brought up. The science reporter clearly sees it as an ongoing battle.

The day the Soviet Union collapsed all the socialists became environmentalists. Lysenko science now rules, as we can tell from the scandal of the so-called scientists talking about how they were cheating on data for Global Warming.

With all the talk about medical costs, how much of “medical” costs is spent on lawyers?

Not one person talks about malpractice. There are three million lawyers in the United States, and each one imposes over a million dollars of costs on this country’s economic system.

Does respectable conservatism ever talk about statism versus science or “If Medicare, why not Judicare?”

What do the respectable conservatives says on these real issues?


That’s what they’re paid for.