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Mommy Professor’s Puppet Privilege

Posted by Bob on February 8th, 2011 under Coaching Session

Back in 1976 I was on the Barry Farber show on WOR in New York City pomoting my first book. His opposition speaker, funny on how liberals never seem to require an opposition speaker, was a guy who said he hadn’t read my book.

This is standard practice. When the book about Jefferson’s supposed black children came out, they had several people discussing it and one was black. The black said he hadn’t read the book.

The one attack on my book on Amazon book reviews started with, guess what, “I haven’t read the book.”

One thing you notice about the white traitor and Vox commenting on BUGS is that they have not READ any of BUGS.

It never occurred to them to do so because Mommy Professor has told them what he wants them to say, and the last thing a group whose only strategy is screaming and outlawing the other side is going to want is that HERESY be read.

Vox really let that out of the bag when he said that “tinting,” meaning browning of our race, never hurt us.

I have pointed out at least twenty times that all of the countries that once had Great Civilizations have gone down for good, and they are all now BROWN. Even in Italy, the part of the country that stayed brown is the poverty region.

If you woke up from a dunk in a strange country that first thing you would want to know is the skin color. ALL “tinted” countries except those where whites found oil and paid the locals for it are poor and dirty.

Vox didn’t see that. He sure as hell couldn’t THINK of it.

So he declares an anti-white Lysenkoism. It is doctrine that white countries that have taken on black blood are just fine, in exactly the same way Lysenko ordered summer wheat to be planted in winter so it would “learn” to be winter wheat.

Everybody sees the color line, the “tint” line, from the Rio Grande to the Mediterranean. But, exactly like Lysenko, they are forbidden to THINK about it. That is the scariest part of tyranny, how people cease to THINK because they can’t risk it, sort of like that Twilight Zone segment with the little boy who punished people for bad thoughts.

So I think we will withdraw Mommy Professor’s Puppet Privilege. We will no longer allow anyone who has not READ our stuff to comment on it.

Some of what Vox says is fun, but none of it has anything to do with what we are actually doing. We already blame whites for their own troubles, and if he had read any of BUGS he would know that.

But, once again, the big advantage of allowing these two on is that they show that the totally mindless stereotype I keep talking about is NOT a stereotype. Even Vox blames US for teaching him Blonde is Beautiful.

Like all Mommy Professors, Vox puts blacks in a category with animals. Animals are not responsible, they are just trained.

  1. #1 by Simmons on 02/08/2011 - 9:18 am

    College grads I know personally despise literacy having read nothing but popular fiction since college. Talking to two Lithiuanian painters a couple of weeks ago and they were better informed than the college grads that staff the beuracracy of any level.

    Part of the problem is that our semi-respectables take Mommy Prof seriously and the libkids read the heading and then automatically go off into their two sentences of rhetoric.

    I’ve tried to tell the semis that everything you write about must be prefaced by conclusion first, facts to follow.

    An ex; The Blank Slate Theory is bunk. (rheams of evidence to follow)

    another ex; Anything protected by Political Correctness is bunk. (rheams of evidence to follow)

    Doing this draws in the obsessive and allows their damaged mental and emotional condition to work for you.

    I bet vox was drawn in by a post that prefaced the Mantra with a conclusion.

  2. #2 by BGLass on 02/08/2011 - 10:21 am

    “….That is the scariest part of tyranny, how people cease to THINK because they can’t risk it…”

    When they understand their own opinions as this — merely an open exposure of how they’ve been gutted, how they fell in the face of power over them, exposure of the marker of what was done to them via propaganda, bullying and so on— like a rape victim wearing an “R” on their sleeve for the public to stare at, then it will be different.

    Isn’t it embarrassing not to have one’s own opinions? A sign of stupidity? An overt sign one’s “been had?” What says that more than a large non-white foreign family, for everyone to see that you had b/c of propaganda and t.v. commercials.

    Shouldn’t people be asking: why can’t I risk it? Is it fear? a sense of money? power? status? What are they giving me that makes it so worth this half life?

    In this, ‘victims of propaganda” is a useful phrase, maybe. Like ‘political marriage.” one hears it.

  3. #3 by OldBlighty on 02/08/2011 - 10:33 am

    “I have pointed out at least twenty times that all of the countries that once had Great Civilizations have gone down for good, and they are all now BROWN. Even in Italy, the part of the country that stayed brown is the poverty region.”

    Making the point that all Brown countries are poor, has been very effective with a member of my family.

    The deal closer, was pointing out who was the original ruling class of India, using their Caste system and the blue eyed Buddha, as examples. The DNA results that were recently leaked about the King Tut Mummy, was also a world view shaker.

    So I think Bob’s “All brown countries are poor” mantra, is also a useful one to have on hand:

    All brown countries are poor.
    The person jumps in and calls me racist.
    I’m making an observation. What does racist mean?
    Does it mean that I’m saying what I see?
    If you see a brown country on television, you assume
    the poor children are going to be brown and it looks like to me that the greatest indicator of the prosperity of a country is the color of the skin. It looks like to me that all of the brown countries are poor and so I don’t want the whole world to be brown and I don’t want my race to disappear.

    “We will no longer allow anyone who has not READ our stuff to comment on it.”

    BUGS is where I return to recover from the insanity out there. So finding it here as well, was too much for me. lol

  4. #4 by Simmons on 02/08/2011 - 11:45 am

    Hey Bob a young man was contacted by a mainstream paper in Wyoming any advise on how he should handle an interview?

    I doubt he will Mantra to any degree so maybe you are not interested.

  5. #5 by Mademoiselle White Rabbit on 02/09/2011 - 4:27 am

    @ Simmons – why does a mainstream newspaper want to interview him? Is he heading up some implicitly pro-White organization? Has he been accused of hate speech? Is he a confused White kid who hit some anti professor’s nerve during sociology 101?

    As a teenager who views it as an accomplishment that I can manage to follow Bob’s line of thought in his articles, obviously I’m not qualified to give out any advice on the best way to talk mantra in an interview. But since you said he probably won’t try to use the mantra anyway, the advice that I would personally give is to grab the moral high ground and refuse to give it back:

    “Refusing to acknowledge the Jews who have used the Holocaust to commit fraud devalues the Jews who have made exposing the truth of World War II their life’s work.”

    “Saying that black people need to be unfairly advanced in order to compete with whites is implying that they are not as intelligent and hard-working. Affirmative Action degrades the black psyche by making blacks constantly second-guess their own worth and aptitude.”

    “Implying that non-white criminals are not entirely responsible for their own actions insults their agency and encourages non-white youth to view themselves as products of their upbringing. It perpetuates a self-fulfilling prophecy which is destructive to non-whites.”

    Obviously, as Bob said a few days ago, this would need to be shortened as much as possible – and would actually probably work better in response to the interviewer’s questions. Hopefully you’ll be able to convince him to get on message. Either way, wish him good luck!

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