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Is Loyalty a Sin?

I pointed out that while every human being had always dealt with gravity, Isaac Newton did the Mantra Thinking and THOUGHT about gravity. I pointed out that every successful businessman back to Neanderthal practiced supply and demand, but Adam Smith went Mantra and THOUGHT about it.

I have talked about how no one ever fails to join in a discussion of “Is Eastern Europe READY for immigration?” but nobody ever THINKS about it. Why should Eastern Europe be ready for immigration and not much richer countries like Japan or Taiwan?

The Mantra THINKS about that and points out “Eastern Europe is White.”

We all learn about the Medieval struggle between Church and State and, like early men with gravity or traders with supply and demand, we didn’t THINK about it. We know why that struggle happened, just a men always knew about gravity and supply and demand.

It never occurs to us WHY we know.

The answer is simple: Church and State were two institutions competing for the same resources.

Backbaygrouch was a bit grouchy when I insisted that the Catholic Church was anti-white. But unlike others, he caught on immediately when I pointed out that ALL institutions are anti-white. All institutions compete for a limited resource:

Our loyalty.

We have watched Stormfront having a knock-down-drag-out fight about whether a person can be pro-white without being a Christian. We are wearily aware of all the people who want to destroy the white race because they are loyal to respectability.

The Reformed Church in South Africa switched sides on apartheid, just as Bob Jones IV did on the Confederate flag. Did either of them honestly believe that GOD had changed his mind on these issues at just the right time?

Rome declared Joan of Arc a saint after World War II. She had gone out and, in the Name of God, killed the English invaders, who were then also Catholic, for the sake of her King and country.

But the Catholic Archbishop of New Orleans excommunicated lifelong loyal Catholics who publicly opposed integration.

If you are to understand Christ, you have to view the institutions that claim His name as institutions, just as you must understand that the men who speak for religion are just men.

We all know that, but while we would say we know it, we don’t THINK about it.

Christ did. In fact the quotes we have from Christ himself show a deep, penetrating acceptance of human nature:

“Not all who call me Lord, Lord, will be saved.”

Not all who called him Lord would be right.

Each real church considers that it represents the true Christ. God knows what the rulers of the mainline Protestant churches believe, if anything.

But churches consist of mere humans and as no one has considered enough, each one is an institution which has survived in competition with every other institution. Realizing this evolution of institutions is every bit as important as understanding the nature of humans in general.