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To Pro-Whites, ALL Institutions are Alien

The article “It’s Ugly!” pointed out that the product of a Jewish Wet Dream, a blond woman and a black man, was just plain ugly. The answer is that this doesn’t matter, that a kinky-haired, blue eyed black having to go through life looking like that means nothing.

All that matters is that, at the time of copulation, the Jewish Wet Dream couple was “in love.”

If you can take that crap seriously, that being ugly is nothing compared to the emotions of two people at one moment in time, one of us is a very sick puppy indeed.

A lady commenter said that blacks were mean to the blonds they marry. A chorus of commenters said that was not the point, so I was spared the trouble.

This is the problem with a real seminar. It is one reason they no longer exist. In a seminar, the young graduate students are deadly serious. Everybody really catches hell from time to time, so the young lady just ran into something all of us have to catch from time to time because we are serious.

It beats hell out of what they now call a seminar, which is young graduate students learning what they are supposed to say and vomiting it back. It is a continuation of grammar school, as is Middle School, high school, and college.

Mommy Professor’s “education” is one long grammar school.

If our lady commentator thinks about it, it is a hell of a lot better to catch hell at rare intervals rather than sitting there for hours listening to the grammar school Political Correctness drill year after year after year after year after year after year..

The point here is that the destruction of our race is more important than how a female race-traitor is treated or Love Conquers All.

In the more general context what the other commenters were saying was what we all said when Stormfront got into a debate about whether one could be pro-white and not be a practicing Christian:

“Why in the hell does one have to be loyal to an institution to fight for his race?”

On this front we have had some hot words about Catholic and Protestant behavior.

I use churches as the prime example of independent institutions, which doesn’t get mentioned in any classroom. Our race is being destroyed in the name of institutions.

It is VERY important to get the pro-white position on this straight: Loyalty to ANY institution is anti-white.

It is impossible for any person raised in society NOT to have feelings for some institutions. Even me. When someone says something nasty about the South, my back goes up like an infuriated cat’s. When Catholicism is just plain insulted, Backbaygrouch reacts as someone who has stood for that sort of thing for decades would be expected to.

I know more bad things about the South than any of its detractors. BBG knows more dirt on his church than outsiders do. But it is still a touchy point with us.

It always will be. But we all have greed and all the other Deadly Sins, too.

What we have done here is to take this loyalty to institutions out and see it is no longer moral when our race is literally being obliterated. That is the ONLY MORAL consideration.

The fight going on about a commenter’s sayings about Catholics and Protestants will not be settled by me or anybody else making some soothing remarks to soothe the feelings expressed.

The ONLY thing we must remember is that we are in a graduate seminar. We have outgrown our college education whether we had one or not. If a commenter makes statements that he or she feels are relevant, they are going to sound like insults to some institution.

But. Unlike today’s so-called seminars, this is a real one. It is up to the commenter to keep insults down. It is up to the other commenter to not let the whole thing go off in a defense of any institutions.

In short, it is a matter for grown-ups not Mommy Professor’s lifetime children being nice to each other. A real professor, now a vanished breed, would use this occasion to point out the real point of the real discussion: We must grow out of our loyalty to institutions.