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If You Don’t USE the Mantra You Discredit It

It is critical to remember that the Mantra is not a debating tactic.

The Mantra is repeating back to anti-whites what they say all the time. If everyone took it for granted that every black country — NOT JUST AFRICA — were singled out for immigration, it would not take five minutes for everybody to realize this was an anti-BLACK measure.

Over and over I have given the example that singling out Iceland for immigration is like singling out Haiti along with all black countries. The other half of the island of San Domingo, the Dominican Republic, is already mixed blood, so it would be exempted from the pressure.

When I use the term Jewish Wet Dream I am REPEATING what an endless number of Jews have said to me and in public. They start with “I am Jewish, so…” and then they say that anyone wanting to preserve the white race is an enemy. “Race-mixing,” by which they mean WHITE-mixing, is therefore a Jew’s duty.

So when I point out that, from what THEY say, the ultimate in race-mixing, a blond girl and a black man, is a Jewish Wet Dream. They have said a million times that it represents one of their main goals in life.

Telling people what they just said is a very different form of argument than accusing a group of secret manipulators. It takes a think to “expose” such a Conspiracy. And it is as productive as accusing businessmen of wanting to make a profit.

The Mantra is the total application of the basic rule of Western science, the rule that made it the ONLY real; science on earth, Occam‘s Razor. Occam’s Razor says that you cut away the crap. Occam’s Razor says that you look carefully at the obvious cause of something instead of building a whole new World Philosophy on a whole new theology or philosophy.

Occam’s Razor is the reason we are using the Internet rather than banging on drums.

Commenters run into an endless stream of critics who want to get away from the basic point and talk about a World View. The one great barrier for us is the insistence that the Mantra will “cause trouble,” that the white problem is already being solved by being called the RACE problem.

So why bring it up?

Because you cannot deal with a problem until you have STATED the problem. What we want right now is for the planned extinction of our race to be RECOGNIZED as a PROBLEM.