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The Excuse for Banning Discussion of White Genocide is the Same One EVERY Tyranny Has EVER Used

Anti-whites suppress any discussion of white genocide because Hitler talked about it.

If you outlawed discussion of anything that had been horribly misused in history every cross would to taken from every church. No one would-be allowed to wear anything that had a cross on it. Nothing has been used to kill and enslaved more tens of millions of people than Christianity.

If you used that excuse, every clergyman would be in prison.

If you outlawed discussion of anything that had been horribly misused historically, anyone who talked about the distribution of income would be in prison.

Stalin used the question the distribution of income to kill tens of millions, and Mao Tse Tung killed even more. Would it be all right then for a gang of thugs to show up and riot every time someone came to the campus to discuss income redistribution.

In Communist countries the word “fascist” is used all the time. In fascist countries almost all opposition was called “Communist.” That is exactly the way the “racist” is used today.

Freedom of speech is always suppressed with the excuse that it might cause trouble. Tyrannies like Nazism and Communism Always used somebody’s else’s totalitarianism to justify their own.

In fact, no suppression of free speech has EVER used anything but screaming some label to justify itself.

If no one stands up for the right of a person to openly talk about the disappearance of the white race we see going on around us, how long will it be before Political Correctness condemns their discussion of other issues?


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