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The Irish Texans

Posted by Bob on February 20th, 2011 under Coaching Session

It hasn’t been long in historical terms since Ireland was the Poor Man of Northern Europe. The Irish considered not only England, but even LIVERPOOL, as paved with gold.

Others may not mention this historical fact, but the Irish are very, very aware of their own recent history.

So while the fact went unnoticed in the rest of the world, per capita income in Ireland is now higher than English per capita income for the first time in known history.

Nor have the Irish kept this to themselves as a secret. The English are considered to be very reserved. Those of the Land of the Blarney Stone are less reserved. They have a tendency to treat reservation somewhat less seriously than the English.

In fact, people from the Emerald Isle are more like Texans.

So the fact that Ireland is now richer than England has been ignored in Ireland the way Texans ignore their oil wells.

So why is this flip flop not something the rest of the world proclaims?

One major reason for this silence underlies the whole discussion of Culture versus Race.

A racial view of the world looks upon economics as an effect, not a cause. People do not invest in Mexico because Mexico is the product of Mexicans. That is a point of view that is absolute heresy today.

It is also true.

It is assumed that China, like Japan, will eventually approach a Western standard of production. It is not assumed Haiti ever will. It hasn’t been that long since China and Japan were on a par with Haiti. Asia was assumed to be a desperately poor place.

While Japan and Germany were performing economic miracles after WWII, China and Eastern Europe stagnated while sending out reports of economic growth under Five Year Plans that dwarfed those of Japan and Western Europe.

Those economic reports were a major part of public dialogue in the 1960s. If you looked up a country in the World Almanac, the reported per capita income was part of it. Communist countries were catching up with the United States.

But in the end, everything came out as we would have predicted, as I did predict. Once rid of the democratic socialism Mommy Professor advocated, India became a net EXPORTER of wheat. Without Communism, the relatively small population of Japan vastly out produced a billion Chinese.

The rule is that Orientals can copy and equal the West. White countries without Communism will naturally rise to be like other white countries.

This is an assumption that is as deep in our thinking as is the Mantra, and is never mentioned for the same reason.

If China were black, the expectations everybody has of it now that it is going into the market system would not be what they are. A billion Africans are going nowhere. A billion Chinese are assumed to be going far.

Nobody mentions that, just as no one mentions that all this “melting pot” crap only applies to white countries.

The fact that Ireland has achieved its economic status as a white country surprises nobody.

But it is also MENTIONED by nobody.

Except the Irish themselves.

  1. #1 by Simmons on 02/20/2011 - 10:59 am

    With the unrest the world is in today all the wordist assumptions of economic jibber jabber are falling by the wayside. From the ME to Madison, WI conflict between self interest and utopian ideals are creating cracks in all the “perfected ideologies.”

    Its probably time for AFKAN to visit and remind us of his views of race and destiny.

  2. #2 by Dave on 02/20/2011 - 11:33 am

    We have in Madison a gathering of a huge mass of unionized incompetents (real life doofballs) who don’t have a clue of perspective and then they meet their mirror image in eruptions of complementary “Tea Party” doofballs who suffer from the very same lack of perspective and underlying incompetence.

    Life is bizarre. Truly bizarre. It is just bizarre that this stuff can be real. But it is.

    Ask yourself, could anybody participating in the preposterous nonsense in Madison have the slightest clue about a tuned up guy like AFKAN?

    They can’t even conceive of AFKAN. Their infantile minds prevent them from comprehending even the most starved units of meaning, other than the bare notion that they are somehow being hung out, just like a baby blubbering for its pacifier.

    You might as well ask a dog to pick a lock.

  3. #3 by AFKANNow on 02/20/2011 - 5:16 pm

    In reply to Simmons and Dave:

    Thanks for the kind words.

    My Awakening was kicked into overdrive when I saw “The Heist,” the Derren
    Brown special on Britain’s Channel 4. I had read of marketing and
    advertising, and techniques of social control. I was simply stunned by how
    easy it was to “suggest” – using very few direct words, and a lot of
    symbols, and symbolic manipulation – that people of a certain
    psychological structure do something they would never do in a thousand
    years, and that is rob a bank security guard with a toy gun.

    How much easier to control the many when you have designed the public
    indoctrination education system to PRODUCE just such types?

    Thus, we see several fascinating events, all tied directly to the
    vertical component of Race.

    Cairo and Dubai both represent emotional responses to the failure of the
    Wordist structures that have collapsed to their true market value, and the
    status quo of both places has yet to fully mark their values to market
    prices, or to face the upcoming market realities.

    Cairo is part of something transnational in organization, and seems to be
    the opening shot in the Next Iranian War, with the New Ottoman Empire
    coming forward, in a very slow, long-term, calculated plan. The men who
    designed that plan know that the Wordist based social structures have
    failed. The emotional forces that replace them have grown in power, and

    A different sort of control is called for.

    Their solution is to go back to the Seventh Century, with electricity.

    Their solution is based on RACE, as the extended organic Family. The
    tribe is still the unit of organization in the Middle East, and,
    electronically connected, can punch through the Wordist traps set for them
    by the West. Remember, the concept of “Nation” and “State” are still alien
    to the Arab mind (HT: Raphael Pattei)

    So, the Western import of Wordism is failing, and these failures are
    forcing emotional responses in the Mid-East. They have no intellectual
    counterpoint to replace these failures with.

    We are using Words to communicate with people who are deaf to them, and
    can not be manipulated by them anymore.

    The New Ottoman Empire wins, because they are less the servants of
    Wordism’s archaic social constructions than their opponents.

    The world changed, and the New Ottoman Empire got there first, offering
    Islam, and respect for those who had been lied to.

    What does this have to do with Madison?

    Rather a lot, because the employees who are demonstrating are, again,
    being unCreative; they are literally following the playbook of almost half
    a century ago. They even bought in Rev. Jesse Jackson to give his blessing
    to the proceedings, and thus cost themselves dearly in terms of a
    hardening of lines in the sand. What’s left of the middle class reacted
    with horror as the wrong Symbols were used.

    It’s almost like a cargo cult, where they are using the symbols that WERE
    ALLOWED TO WORK yesterday with ever-greater intensity, as they have
    failed, in practice, repeatedly.

    Again, they fell into the trap of Wordism, and did not evolve past the
    meaning of Words, to newer and more appropriate Symbols for a new place,
    and a new time.

    The Administration’s counter-meme – “They make an average of more than
    $100,000 a year!” – hits the average Joe in the head; linking their cause
    to Rev. Jesse Jackson links this to the heart, and the combination is the
    beginning of an Awakening of the middle class – something that is
    transcending Wordism, and operates in the Soul, forcing arousal, and the
    opening to Wrath worthy of Kipling.

    The media corps are reporting the union is already prepared to make
    whatever economic concessions the Governor wants.

    The Governor wins, because the public employees adopted the Wordist
    constructs of yesterday, to deal with the problems of today, and tomorrow.

    What do these points have to do with Race?


    The Arab mind has gone as far as it can; it can not dream of the vast
    infinite plane that is the symbol of the Faustian Soul.

    It’s trapped, even while seeing images of a world it can only hope to
    inhabit as Outsiders, ever separate from the Creative Soul’s ability to
    adopt and adapt to new situations, completely overthrowing much of the
    past, if necessary.

    Madison is no less true.

    The world that created $100,000 salaries for schoolteachers, working a
    nine month year in a job taxpayers see as jumped-up baby sitters, is over,
    and all of their Symbolic Manipulations will come to dust.

    The Cultural Moment has changed, forever, and the Governor knows he has
    already brought the union to heel on all issues except one, and he’s
    working on that one.

    IF the schoolteachers and public employees were serious – look at all of
    the older people in the crowd! where are the young, the strong, the
    Creative? – they would arrange for a transition where they could creatively
    develop newer, more effective and more accountable structures, and open
    the opportunity for profit sharing.

    Structural economics of education note:

    An apt metaphor for the new situation:

    One, the teachers are like the wireline landline service of the Bell
    System. The reason the hardwire landline is still in your house,
    especially if you are older, is force of habit. You move, the word
    changes, new habits are appropriate, and you say no to the new landline.

    The metaphor is VERY strong: when you call to disconnect your landline.
    The Bell people will do all in their power to keep it installed, even
    offering a “lifeline” rate of around ten dollars a month.

    Why are they fighting so hard to keep yesterday’s technology in place,
    and what is the value of ten dollars a month?

    Ten dollars a month per phone line is enough to pay the pension payments
    for phone company retirees.

    Keep that in mind.

    Two, I was talking to the leadership of my local teacher’s union, and she
    said Apple had made deals with the five leading textbook manufacturers
    for delivering educational content with the IPad.

    It is a short step for the Khan Academy courses to be delivered by IPad,
    and apparently a school system is looking at this for teaching mathematics
    and the sciences on IPads.

    The potential cost of educating a child perfectly just dropped to less
    than a thousand dollars a year, and all excuses for success have been

    A lot of classrooms now on the drawing boards are being reconsidered, and
    tremendous capital costs are going to zero – good news for collapsing
    state and municipal budgets, and a kick in the teeth to the (WORDIST!)
    State Religion of Schooling, calling itself Education.

    An outline of a solution presents itself:

    The cost of leasing the educational content for the IPads will be enough
    to cover the new teacher’s union pension plan. Enough is left over to
    consolidate schools, saving vast fortunes in capital costs.

    Win- Win!

    THAT is the power of Creativity – which only one Race carries in its
    soul, and works with at the level of DNA.

    THAT is why my Posterity will go to the Stars.

    They will have outgrown the schoolhouse.

    They will go to better schools, on their way Home.

    Leave for others control of the mudheap; I can only offer my Posterity
    “Honor, Discipline, and the Stars.”

    Africa for the Africans!

  4. #4 by Simmons on 02/21/2011 - 9:59 am

    The twentieth century saw the unionization of the Ms. Jellaby conceit for white women. Had the privelege of watching the Chicago public school’s teachers union operate a conference which was coinciding with one I was attending.

    You could have dropped the white women running that show out of a mold, women who allowed their physical condition to deteriorate (versus those shallow soccer moms they hate) and able to show empathy and bossiness in the same emotive plane. All in all scripted obsolescence as of today the sales people for skin whiteners do more good than these $100,000 per year hacks.

    To conclude my blabber and to tie it into the Mantra, if we somehow pry the Mantra between these types I describe and thouroughly discredit the Big Momma version of “anti-racism” we basically have a free run for the coast with nothing in the way.

    A version of the Mantra which discredits the Big Momma’s conceits of healing the non-whites non-whiteness and hurting white children’s whiteness could be a game changer.

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