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H. Avenger Reminds Us of Another Impossible Victory

People come into the struggle and they leave for various reasons. I doubt Hunter or William will stop being white. Nor do I believe they will stop caring. Furthermore, being a dissident is a tough business and everyone needs a break every now and then.

WN are going through what Soviet Dissidents went through in the last stages of the Soviet Union. Who in the hell wants to be a Soviet Dissident? It was a recipe for a lot of abuse and generally they looked like masochists to the public. Of course, the public agreed with the Dissidents. That was the problem for the Soviet Union. The public agreed with the dissidents even if they did not have the courage to become one. The challenge was that saying the wrong thing in the Soviet Union and you would lose your job or worse….the Gulag.

Their struggle was very similar to ours. The white public will always agree with the average WN or Paleoconservative on almost every issue just as the Soviet Public would agree with the Dissidents on all the issues.

What happened in the Soviet Union to change things for the better? Well the big activity was in regards to something called Samizdat. Samizdat were basically the pamphlets or even little newspapers that carried their message. The problem for the dissidents was always the same. They mostly wrote their Samizdat to cater to other dissidents! And there was always lots of back biting etc. So how did they turn things around and help make history bringing down the Soviet Union?

A handful of the dissidents started listening to actual professionals who helped them fine tune their message to a razor’s edge. A small group of dissidents came out with a very similar message against the system. They basically learned to say WHAT they wanted to say without going to the Gulag. They stopped writing to other dissidents and starting writing for the public. This in turn spread like wild fire. Why? Because the public always wanted to be against the system. They always wanted to say something. Now they could do it without losing their jobs or worse.

The Soviet Union was soon gone and very few realized what had happened. Then the Dissidents became very famous and some even wealthy. But they never became famous for nitpicking and writing to other Dissidents. In fact, those facts are all but forgotten right along with the invincible Soviet Machine.