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Mantra Discipline

One commentator said that repeating the Mantra is not the be all and end all.

My reply is that you had better be damned good, professional at this, before you try to improve on it. Regulars seminar members will learn, IN ACTION, how to get our Mantra message across in different situations or when they have more or less time than usual, BUT LET US NEVER FORGET WHAT THINGS WERE LIKE PRE-MANTRA.

Nothing would be easier than to slide back into the Stormfront, News and Jews, IQ Tests and Crime, immigration law crap that has damned near destroyed us. Just a little letup in our discipline and you will be asking those around you what happened to this rolling over the enemy we have been doing?

I’ve seen it happen. Granted the Mantra has never gone anywhere near this far in all the years I have fought for it. But time and again a few people would actually get the Mantra and then slide back to the old ways.

Our people are improving on the Mantra, but only the ones who have really mastered it. Very few of our top spokesmen really even understand it, and some who have interviewed me have gunked it up or admitted they really didn’t get it, though they said they were all for it.

I am delighted that the pros in our crowd are learning to be more elastic with the Mantra Message, but this is the first t time I have EVER felt someone had mastered it enough not to begin a rush back toward the old N&J bit.

Now that we have it, for God’s sake let’s not loosen our discipline.

Deciding to “improve” the Mantra before you have mastered the technique is one disaster I have been witnessing for years.

No one but Bob has been THROUGH this, so listen to me here. LEARN before you decide you are good enough to improve.

We are so many miles further along than I have ever been before that it is indescribable. I usually didn’t get as far as the “Don’t be so rigid” bit. I stayed at the “DUHH!” stage for decades.

They were LONG decades and I am the only one who went through them, so pardon if I pound away at this.

What is great now is that our old pros here are bragging that some of the huge number of new practitioners actually call THEM to order on Mantra discipline. It is great the new ones are doing it, it is equally great how the old pros recognize this as great.

Once you GET the Mantra, it is hard to understand why other people in the movement, DON’T. Believe me, I know that. But it is a reality. In fact, that is the very mental block that the other side uses, and it is a biggie.

They can talk to you about destroying our race without mentioning it. They only talk about Tolerance, Guilt, and the other stuff, and leave out the point that all this Tolerance and race-mixing is for white countries ONLY. No wonder our own people find this mental block so hard to overcome.

But before you decide to go back to piloting by the seat of your pants, you damned will remember the mental block we are up against.