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Using the Solution to Forget the Problem

Posted by Bob on February 27th, 2011 under Coaching Session

The Da Vinci Code really caught Christians off guard because all of them, not just Catholics, had assumed that Jesus was a virgin. In fact the Church became more of a fanatical anti-sex organization than it was anti-sin.

In fact, the worst sins were almost ignored in a total fanaticism over not having sex.

Then, suddenly, someone actually brought to public discussion the question of why a young Jew in 20 AD would be fanatically against marriage and children.

It was bit of a surprise when I was watching a documentary on the history of the idea of Hell and quoted a Zoroastrian on the subject in the fourth century. The Zoroastrians had been talking about Hell since centuries before the Battle of Marathon. The Zoroastrians were burning down the Greek temples for being “pagan” when the Jews were supposed to be in Persia.

Like the fact that “Noah’s” Flood was in the Gilgamesh Saga, this sort of thing really shakes up the official theological version of history.

So what is the basis of this problem for the churches? It is simply that they got so wrapped up in tying every word of the Old Testament to St. Paul’s Christianity with its thoroughly sophisticated, Zoroastrian ideas that they got their history not only wrong, but wrong to the point where they ended up making a new institution that had very little to do with Christ OR Moses.

We are not theologians here. Our interest is in the HISTORY here. We have an exact parallel.

We begin by trying to defend our racial existence. Then we find that Jews are doing their thing for their crowd, and, as is usual among humans, Jews end up being our enemies. Everybody who borders on anybody else is a Traditional Enemy, France of Germany, Germany of Russia, Turks and Greeks.

From our point of view, this is an observation, Jews border on everybody and are rooted in a hatred of everybody, and everybody who borders on them, European or Islamic, tends toward a fanatical, and logical, anti-Semitism.

Then come the institutions built on top of this reality. Inevitably every white group that was originally aimed at our survival becomes as obsessed with Jews as the institution that claimed Christ became obsessed with spaying or neutering any intelligent man or woman it could recruit.

When I quote Christ to a Christian it is just not the same as Religion, where you quote an obscure Hebrew prophet in the Old Testament.

I am not even surprised to find groups that once were pro-white arguing that we all have to assimilate for a common front against the JEWS.

Or the Communists.

Or the Masons.

Or Crime.

Or the Environment.

In the first century the intellectual environment, especially that of the intellectual St. Paul, was as permeated with the popularity of degenerate Zoroastrianism as the world of Karl Marx was permeated by Hegel’s Dialectic. Today, someone studying Marx really doesn’t understand this fashion he is writing about.

Studying Marx without knowing about Hegel is very much like studying the self-styled Christian institutions without knowing that, even when the Roman Empire was ten percent Hellenic Jews, the largest monotheistic religion on earth was that of the Magis.

So the Christian institution became obsessed with something those who read the Da Vinci Code don’t even know existed, the anti-life policy of the degenerate Zoroastrianism that, in its healthy phase, had been limited to Aryans and had a mulatto at its head when it was crushed by Islam.

The major point of a pro-Aryan religion became hostility to life itself.

Those who turn our movement into an OBSESSION with religion or anti-Semitism are not doing something new.

  1. #1 by Simmons on 02/27/2011 - 10:58 am

    Tree kickers, those who see the tree but miss the forest, we have plenty of them sidelined off into their specialties.

    Such as AmRen that now blocks any message I try to post. I’m not whining, but it is frustrating to watch people who miss the perspective while playing mommy prof on their small scale.

    I’ll bust that cult, but not out of malice but out of necessity.

    “Mr. Taylor define ‘anti-racism’ and then tell us how seriously you take it?”

  2. #3 by Dave on 02/27/2011 - 11:14 am

    “Using the solution to forget the problem” is what Martin Armstrong calls “the paradox of solution”.

    But there is no intellectual anywhere who even comes close to Robert Whitaker’s exposition of this issue.

    Most intellectuals become lost because of their unrecognized obsessions, they don’t even know they are drowning. “Using the solution to forget the problem” in and of itself is a devastating assault on academia and its whole organization. But it is so much more: it explains why often the most zealous opponents of a regime unintentionally become useful tools for the regime.

    This is real guidance, folks.

    “Using the solution to forget the problem” is also a devastating assault on ideology itself. And I am put on my laurels as to why Robert Whitaker has succeeded in surfacing the issue of how and why people succumb to misdirection when so many other intellectuals have not done near as well in explaining it.

    The answer lies with the subject matter of the survival of the white race. You can’t paint that concern ideologically. And that is what makes the concern so deeply legal. How dare anyone paint us as ideologues when we are concerned about the survival and welfare of our race! What is ideological about that? Race is a flesh and blood fact. Descent is a flesh and blood fact. What the hell does ideology have to do with it? Our concerns are about justice in the most basic and important sense of the heinous criminality of genocide, a matter entirely divorced from ideology.

    I can barely control my rage having been forced to think it through because it makes me realize the ideology that has slipped through functioned to put a lid on my resentment. And that is exactly what Stormfront , VDare, AmRen don’t see: Their own emotions are tricking them into serving the very regime they claim to oppose.

    And then I think of a guy like Martin Armstrong who has been sitting in prison since 2000, all busted up from getting the hell beat out of him, and going blind. And all he does is try to calmly explain to people what is going wrong.

    But I need Whitaker to understand Armstrong. And that is where the subject matter of race comes in.

    It is the moral aspect of the whole thing. The most moral voice is the one that speaks with the greatest clarity. That is why Robert Whitaker trumps these other intellectuals, Armstrong included. Robert Whitaker is the one whose thought revolves around the subject that matters most: our race, our descent, and our survival.

    • #4 by Frank on 03/01/2011 - 12:07 am

      Dave, both you and Bob have just surfaced one helluva lot that has never revealed itself to my mind before. Thanks.

  3. #5 by shari on 02/27/2011 - 11:52 am

    I think I understand why the diciples so often said and did what seemed stupid or childish. They were convinced that Jesus was true and on their side, but too often they didn’t understand, because of being under the influence of their intellectual betters for generations.

    I think and hope that all the anti-white bs is being ripped apart faster than we can see right now.

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