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ROUTINE Objections are Invaluable

One commenter pointed out that the BNP still uses the word “anti-racists” for anti-whites.

When we reach our next stage of development, such an atrocity will be greeted with a storm of objection.

But if you DON’T object you are part of the problem. Right now BUGS is where you report this sort of outrage, but BUGS is also not dedicated to sitting around and bitching to each other. This is NOT Stormfront.

You don‘t even need the citation. All you have to do is email or otherwise tell the BNP that this is an outrage.

Bitching and making a pest of yourself is not pleasant. But it is effective because it is not pleasant for those on the receiving end, either.

Working on Capitol Hill, I was impressed by how some monomaniacal “nut” could affect the congressman. Every congressman and every staffer knew that, if they said something bad about Elvis or ignored an issue they had no interest in and was not important, “Bill from Mansfield” was gong to send an outraged letter about it.

This is an entirely different picture from the one people, especially conspiracy types, have given each other of the real world. Their world view has congressmen enveloped inside the Beltway with rich donors and People Who Matter. So they tell each other that “writing your congressmen” is so much hot air.

So the letters don’t come.

I was at a tenant’s meeting the other day when our condo owners were complaining about the local utility company not listening to their need for the replacement of particularly important lights. I pointed out that each member of the State House of Representatives represents about 30,000 people, and about a thousand of them were right here in this building.

They had never done the math. A call from a state rep makes all the difference. But the old myth about how the government is run by a tiny group of Genuises kept anyone from thinking of it.

I knew a doctor whose practice had been severely limited by losing his driver’s license. I was driving him. We went to a state rep who is a barber and he, while still cutting hair, made a call that got the license back because of the doctor‘s and his patients’ special needs.

Any time anyone on our side uses “anti-racist” we can hit them with our whole message, and if we get the reputation of massing against it every time this atrocity is committed, it will do endless good in promoting our message.

Don’t try to write a masterpiece, just object to the use of this enemy term and throw in the Mantra and go on to whatever else you were doing. One of the big roadblocks to doing something is that you feel you have to do it perfectly and so you put it off. It is the ROUTINE that will make everybody aware of our message, and let “anti-white” spread around.

You don’t need the exact citation any more than an anti-white needs to read a book he is criticizing. Even if it turns out it never happened, you still would have made it clear that EVER using “anti-racist” is something you won’t stand for.

What is important is not correcting the error. What is important is using a complaint to make it clear you will no longer stand for this “anti-racist” crap.