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The Movement Minefield: Explosives Please Go Elsewhere

Now that the KGB files have been open for twenty years, we know that about every single person Senator McCarthy called a Communist has a KGB file describing exactly what he did for the Soviets against the US.

Please note that not mentioning things like this is more than the natural reaction of a media that was dead wrong. It is not merely a natural ideological response. The Silence is as much a strategy as is Radio Silence in war.

I am not be the only person who remembers those KGB files. I may not be the only one who remembers that the Berlin Wall was just one part of the wall around ALL Communist states as a fugitive slave measure. Every time I mention one of these phenomena, outraged protests come from others who REMEMBER these things.

But not one of them can cite an occasion where he MENTIONED them. This is more important than any claim of mine.

As I say, even those we ally with remain dumb fixtures of THEIR society.

The way one becomes a respectable conservative with a paycheck is, above all, to maintain Radio Silence.

Fox had a hugely advertised expose of Israeli spying in the US. It lasted one show.

Then something happened straight out of George Orwell. Instead of saying the series had been suspended or that it was “controversial,” which is the only reason leftists needs to ban anything, Fox simply stated, “This series no longer exists.”

That was a signal to the few Americans who even remember what freedom of speech outside Mommy Professor’s rules WAS. In an America before the Weakest Generation it would have caused a flurry, a groundswell, of defiance.

There would have been QUESTIONS: WHY does this series no longer exist.

All the Conspiracy nut jobs insist that all of Fox is just like everybody else because they couldn’t let an A-Bomb go off if it wasn’t in their book. Any other announcement of sinking under Israel Lobby pressure would have been smooth as silk. No other media would start such a series in the first place.

But when one tries to explain signals and subtleties to our side, you forfeit most of your audience.

You watch, for the thousandth time, when somebody says Hitler was only a bad guy because he was SOCIALIST. I kid you not, that saying anything good about Laurel and Hardy showed you were a homo because they were just a secret ad for queers.

Trying to explain subtleties to the old League of the South group, which was heavily populated with fundamental Calvinists, was tiptoeing through a mine field. But just about any group that could sympathize with what I had to say had been trained in an endless list of detailed historical plots, a minefield I got awfully tired of walking through.

So if I criticize BBG’s church or refuse to list the Jewish names connected with what I am talking about, remember that I consider the minefield crowd enormously dispensable.

The minefield crowd is the reason I remember at least one vicious fight a year inside organizations, and why antiestablishment groups almost invariably rip themselves to pieces.

The minefield type is not welcome here. Any group that allows them into it is headed for self-destruction.

When I say something the Catholic Church did badly, BBG has a civilized, friendly reply, and he could recite me a list of Church mistakes that I never heard of.

The same is true of other commenters who FIT in BUGS. Each one is expected to have a point of view. I am teaching a way of looking at the world, not a doctrine.

So if one is capable of walking out if any of us makes comments he doesn’t like, let me assure that that person is liability from the word Go, and over fifty years of experience have taught me that you should dump those explosives and let them go off in somebody else’s face.



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The Self Hate Industry

It is routine for anti-whites to accuse us of hate. Only BUGS doesn’t have to bother with that because we start out with an attack on their real hate which is aimed directly at the first world-wide genocide program in history.

But we all know that if somebody says something good about whites, he is on the edge of being a racist.

If any man says something good about men, he is routinely called a sexist.

If an American says something good about America, he had better hurry and talk about the bad side.

We pay teachers and professors billions each year to denounce whites, males, America, and, like O’Reilly, anybody whose ancestors drove back the Indians and Mexicans and all the rest and made this a safe place for the O’Reillys and Jews and all the rest of the Ellis Island crowd to immigrate to when the struggle was over.

In return, the Ellis Island Museum tells us all how awful our ancestors were to the sweet little Indians. Now we are required to say the same things to get through Middle School, much less college.

While we talk incessantly about the big money the SPLC rakes in, we don’t make the connection between groups like SPLC and the Holocaust Industry and how they naturally lead to other hate groups. I was a lot to closer to this whole thing since I made my living in the middle of the Cause Industry.

If you wanted to get money for a comfortable life and a good retirement before the Weakest Generation took over, you found a demand in the market and you supplied it. It was Prohibition that made a market for a new industry, illegal liquor.

Prohibition opened a market for an industry which, by definition, had to be an illegal industry. We created the demand and the exact people filled any idiot would expect would fill it: Criminals. Today the Drug War fulfills exactly the same function.

We all have at least hard about facts like these. What we do NOT hear about is that every new hate industry, like the civil rights movement which never hesitated to align itself with white hatred for the very EXISTENCE of the white race, creates a demand for another way to hate yourself.

So new self-hate factories spread over the land. The movie “The Happening” had the True Scientist shouting, “Mankind was a Threat to the Planet!!!”

As with the white race, since people wouldn’t disappear for the good of the planet, they could exist as little as possible.

But, as with the white race, the complete end of the existence of humans would be ideal.

Agencies of the British Government have been publishing recommendations for whites to have less children. It pointed out that an Ethiopian child produces about one half percent as much Global Warming output as a white child does.

But anyone seeing this will realize that NO people at all produces even less Evil

And if you follow the money, you will see this logic pursued relentlessly, not for idealism, but as a matter of hard cash.

Nowadays if you are white, you will have a hell of a time getting a good job out of the going hate movements. So the whites go out and create their own small businesses inside the Self-Hate Industry.

So we praise every species of worm and blame every human for breathing. Everybody in a specialty branch of the Self Hate Industry gives the impression that he would be glad to stop breathing, but he must keep breathing for the Cause.

Stokeley Carmichael is the only “black leader” I know of who moved to Africa to help blacks. Every other “black leader” finds it absolutely necessary that HE personally stay, not only in the Evil White Man’s Territory, but in the wealthier neighborhoods thereof.

One absolutely essential trait for a respectable conservative is that he insist that each and every leftist leader is fine and sincere person. They won’t mention the Self Hate Industry anymore than they will mention the Berlin Wall that surrounded every single Communist state, right through today.

Nobody is going to mention the Self Hate Industry, which is a major foundation of all political thinking and policy, until Mantra Thinkers are ready for it.


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BUGS’ Gipper Thanks You

I feel a bit like Horatio at the Bridge must have felt like when his comrades finally joined him there. General Comments VI is pouring in new experiences and new approaches in the exact area where I spent so many years knocking down the enemy while no other pro-whites would join in.

The thing was, it was a standing joke how quickly I could take an anti-white apart.

They thought it was great.

They smiled when I confronted one of the anti-whites, but they smiled as if I was some kind of freakishly talented boxer rather than having any methods they could use. I forget when I was introduced to Stormfront, but it was at a New Orleans convention, you know, back when we had some freedom of assembly, in the 90s.

I had formalized the Mantra by then after many, many years. As one commenter noted, I almost destroyed the once-huge Opposing View section with the Mantra. For me, this was history repeating itself. I had had the same problem for decades trying to get conservatives to abandon that middle of the road crap and that getting the black vote crap.

All this I have been through before. What I would like to express to you is how it feels, after decades of fighting uphill, to suddenly have you out there DOING THE JOB. It makes me a bit dizzy.

After all these years of winning fights while the only response I got from my own side was theory about “what is the best approach,” when practically nobody who theorized had actually done any approaching but me, now we have people already developed at my level out there reporting back what they DID, not what they would theoretically do if they engaged a hypothetical anti-white, or, as they called them, an “anti.”

One of our Comments VI commenters put one part of it beautifully:

No Apologies.

That is , unlike The Stormfronters in the Opposing Views section, who always started out by trying to prove they weren’t really “racists,” or “evil,” or whatever other verbal trap the anti-whites enmeshed them in, we go in calling THEM anti-whites.

CONSISTENTLY calling them anti-whites. A commenter called me into line when I failed to be consistent on the term “anti-white,” and you can’t imagine what a thrill it is, after decades of trying to spoon some of this into a few isolated SFers, to have one of my own people call ME down about it!


And another new experience for me is that some people who have actually been ENGAGING THE ENEMY come back to Comments VI to describe a problem they ran into, an argument they had some trouble with.

After all these years of pure frustration, and you know how that wears on you, I don’t have to say a word. Several others of our team deal with the question!

What I want to get across to you is the sheer joy I experience when you get in there and knuckle it out and then come back here and THINK about it and go back in. I express all my earlier frustration, not to show off how tough I am, but to get you to feel some of the excitement, the RELIEF, the JOY of watching you sic the bastards and doing so as a learning experience so you can sic the bastards harder.

This is not just opposite to all my earlier experience, it feels like a miracle.

I have gotten used to all the bad parts, the frustration, the lack of any respect for approaches that really hit the enemy. I expect every old general who has done his best in a couple of wars has inured himself to that sort of thing especially if the poor bastard was a Frenchman.

What is unique is not my Sufferings. You get plenty of that from Jews.

What is unique is the experience I am experiencing right now, watching my gung-ho and smart operatives go in there and take what I tried so hard for so long — and failed — to get a few others to do.

Kelso is always amazed at all the pro-whites he regards as demigods whom I knew personally and worked with. Yes, I knew them all. I am honored to be a living link to our past heroes.

But, if you look at it from MY point of view, you see there is something I have missed in all the decades since then. Those were years of my youth in which I could look UP to the Carleton Coons and Carleton Putnams and Henry Garretts and learn from them and depend on them.

It HURTS when they die out and you find yourself trying to convince all the big names in the anti-Communist and pro-white camp to simply show some SMARTS!

What I want to share with you is the sheer joy, a joy I thought was dead, of learning from YOU.

To me, Comments I through VI or VII or wherever you go is a kind of joy I never thought to experience again, but more intense. I only go into my bad experiences to try to get you to understand what a unique JOY this is.

Thank you, Comrades.

Get out there and win another one for the Gipper.



Anti-Whites are Provincial

Surely there are some among our thousands who think that Bob came up with all this stuff from sheer genius, like the gods who sprang straight from the head of Jupiter.

My poor Ego, which has suffered one constant beating since I was born the fifth of five children seventy years ago, begs me to tell those who have the idea that I am some of demigod to PLEASE keep on thinking so, and not to read this article. The poor thing has taken a lot of beatings, back to my older siblings and a football coach who used to yell out, when I did something stupid AGAIN, “Feel around you, Whitaker, maybe you’re still in bed!”

Then there was Washington, DC.

Nonetheless, I just came up with an idea for the Mantra that one would think would have occurred to a Mantra Thinker, not just The Great Genius Himself, long ago.

In discussion, the problem is to change the focus of the discussion from “I have no problem with a black man marrying a white woman” to the whole world view of which that is a part.

Now that we have a critical mass of people to try it out, may I suggest you TRY, “That is a very provincial point of view.”

Now the last thing on earth someone repeating this Politically Correct crap ever considers is that he is being Provincial. That is his main point of pride against us, that WE are a bunch of hillbilly throwbacks. You might get some shocked silence from calling them that in which you can explain, rather than ram in, the Mantra.

In some cases, you may get deep interest, since no one has ever heard an anti-white called “provincial” before, and the rest of what you say may be interesting.

I am wondering whether I should go ahead and anticipate how different the discipline may be for you not to allow them to get off the point when you use this sneak punch on them. Reading Comments VI I am often reminded that some of you have become better at this toe-to-toe and snout-to-snout battle than I am.

After all, you have done what the Mantra normally avoids. You have introduced another subject besides “ALL white countries and ONLY white countries” into your attack. They could try to switch the debate to the definition of “sophisticated.”

But I doubt it. These people have NEVER had ANYBODY argue against them, so they are usually too stunned to deal with the stated Mantra. But the problem is that a whole different world view is hard to get time to STATE.

If a regular opponent — which you shouldn’t have unless your debates give you an audience — does come up with this, you can lightly disavow the claim to sophistication and say that is a point of view larger than just an individual country or an individual marriage. But if some of you actually TRY this, you will develop your battle formation better than you will by taking ANYBODY’S untried theoretical talk — even that of Bob Hisself — as your guide.

This is the first time I have developed a possibly very important strategy and had the luxury of leaving it to YOU to try out. I want reports on it from YOU in action, not you in theory.

It seems to me that, when a group is talking and someone gives some version of “multicultural” talk or the standard line on they do not mind interracial marriage, someone who simply said, “That is a very provincial point of view,” might often get a complete silence and interest that will give him the chance to hit them with some more, instead of trying to jam the whole Mantra in at one go.

When George Wallace was running for president in 1968, the proud Governor of Alabama got a ten thousand dollar check from John Wayne. It came with a very short note:

“Sic ’em, George!”

So I am proud to present this far overdue strategy to you with the words:

“Sic ’em, BUGS!”