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Figuring Out How to Win

I pointed out before that the Sixties Radicals were New York Jewish types. They made a discovery: that a New York Jew like Abbie Hoffman and the rest just had to shriek in The Greatest Generation’s faces to make them wilt.

Back in the 1970s Pat Buchanan had a very popular show with a liberal… He once said to a pro-white guest on that show, “Our men died at Normandy to open up Europe to third world immigration.” By the time we worked together he cold not believe he had ever said that, though he remembered it.

He and I were the only people who DID remember it, though millions heard it.

He also could not believe that not one single member of the Weakest Generation, of the hundreds of thousands who heard it, sent in an objection.

Not one.

By the 70s the Weakest Generation was utterly silenced. As much as they might wail about their buddies killed in action, not one of them dared to point out that many of the men they knew who died there would have screamed bloody murder at the accusation that they were fighting to make Europe brown.

It is hard for you to believe just how well trained the Weakest Generation was.

It was a real breakthrough when the Swift boat crowd told about Kerry’s weak points in Viet Nam. I saw a couple of bumper stickers about how “We will forgive Jane Fonda when the Jews forgive Hitler,” but no photo shows up of Hanoi Jane playing at shooting down American planes in Hanoi.

It is forgotten, while the Holocaust Industry rolls on.

Mencken said that being good soldiers was the opposite of being good citizens. Military training in youth gives one a lifelong dedication to taking whatever the bullies declare is good, which is the worst possible training for a good American.

He may well have been right. Most of the Vietnam vets I know repeat the clichés of the leftists like puppets, even though they remember when those same clichés came from people who spat on them when they came home from that war.

But those leftist Geniuses took an awfully long time to figure this out. It was almost twenty years after the end of WWII before they simply let loose the screaming Jews on the WWII veterans. For almost two decades they believed the Weakest Generation’s own propaganda about how tough it was, how loyal it was.

I am sure that a few New Yorkers who had been at college in the Midwest tried to tell them all that just how weak these Midland goyim were if you just screamed at them. But we who are still trying to get our few militants to put down the tomes and give the real world view of the Mantra know how hard a sell that was.

But eventually they made the Weakest Generation fall flat on their faces and wet their pants.

Once you find the key, doesn’t take all that long to get results.