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Our old timers will remember this, but I need to lay it out again in caps.

Back a few years ago, I started a campaign in OV to keep anyone from using “anti” in referring to the anti-whites. The effect was magical. They stopped calling us “racist” and started insisting THEY were not anti-white.

I noticed that one commenter, just one, threw in the term “antis,” and that is Verboten.

Yes, it is tedious to say anti-white over and over and over and it would seem natural that, after a string of “anti-whites” you would throw in an “anti.” Yes, it IS natural, which is why we NEVER do it.

The other side, made very uncomfortable with anti-white, will, with your permission, immediately pick up on “anti.” It is natural, it is easier.

Which is precisely why we NEVER do it.

It is not an accident that the other side has learned to absolutely insist on “African-American” instead of “black.” The first major NAACP campaign was to get the word “negro” capitalized.

Then came fifty years of forcing every Southern white, to be a true Progressive, to pronounce the word Knee-Grow.

They NEVER allowed anyone on their side to say something that came readily to the Southern (and black) tongue like Nigrah.

There was a REASON for this.

There is a REASON why the word “anti” is POISON to us.

Our whole BUGS approach is based on discipline. Words are all we have.

Use your words in a disciplined way.