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Wordist History is Collapsing

Zoroastrianism is verboten because it represents intellectual influence of Aryans ON the Middle East, while official history says all ideas originated IN the Middle East.

This Aryan Heresy (pun, gang!) is slowly becoming known, but it is not unique. It is a part of the whole unraveling of the accepted picture of history that is the basis of all modern Wordism.

Even in the Testaments you can’t avoid Zoroastrianism without twisting things to the point of outright lying. Cyrus is described as doing the work of the Lord, and he was a Persian, ZOROASTRIAN emperor. In the New Testament, it is the Magi who know Christ is coming and honor him, while the Jews reject him.

There was the Babylonian Captivity of an indeterminate number of Jews, but there was exactly the same kind of thing with the Iranians, but it is not referred to as a captivity. Jews were kept in Iran or Iraq for just as long, but Cyrus rebuilt their Temple.

And somewhere in the process, by some accident, Jews became monotheistic. “No other gods BEFORE me” became “No other Gods at all.”

THIS is the form of Judaism that converted a tenth of the entire Roman population, the Hellenic Jews, who became the Christian Church.

For centuries after the conversion of Rome to Christianity and its simultaneous move to Constantinople, the Christian Empire’s only truly powerful enemy was the Zoroastrian Empire of Iran. The link between the origins of Christianity and Zoroastrianism was suppressed, just as the link between Marxist and Christian Doctrine was mildly discouraged in the USSR.

Communists have been described by one wise observer as “Economic Calvinism.”

To truly understand Christ, which I do not claim to, one would to look DIRECTLY at each aspect of the Christian Institution that stands between his words and us.

But this real history of Christianity is just one part of the whole revolution in history.

Nothing is changing faster than history.

When I say our PICTURE of history is changing, it could not be more literally true. Tyrannosaurus Rex is suddenly running around with a beak and claws, we now know that someone from Ancient Rome would have gone into hysterics of laughter if we showed him our national capitol and called it a Classical Building.

Herds of animals are no longer the democratic libertarian structures we always assumed they are. Those peaceful packs of chimpanzees, once assumed to be mere subunits of the World Federation of Chimpanzee kind, suddenly turn out not only to have rigid borders, but patrol them and kill violators.