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We HAVE to Get Off the Old Losers’ Message

Wandrin asks.

“Could a Mantra-thinker please help with some tips to address the “only White countries” argument when the anti-Whites point out Singapore and UAE etc, as seen in this thread.”

There’s always detailed arguments you can make
– most of those small Arab states have lots of guest workers because of the oil money but they’re basically paid semi-slaves and aren’t allowed to become citizens
– Israel has an explicitly ethno-centric immigration policy and most of those immigrants are jews
– Hong Kong immigration was mostly other ethnic Chinese from the mainland after British rule ended in 1990-something
– Jordan’s “immigrants” are actually Palestinian refugees

There are a few exceptions like Singapore but once you’ve knocked down most of the list then it becomes obvious they are an exception and exceptions prove the rule.

However if i’m arguing with someone as slippery as the guy in the linked thread i usually just cheat by looking out for any little mistake they make and jumping on it and not letting go until they concede the point.

Psychological attrition.

In the thread you linked i’d have picked on his use of Israel in his list of examples and asked him if he supported their ethno-centric immigration

policy and i’d keep on it until he explicitly stated he didn’t believe Israel had the right to an ethno-centric immigration policy either. This would only work if he was jewish as he’d either wriggle around not wanting to say it or he would say it but be tetchy afterwards and easier to needle into

losing his temper.

Sometimes the truth works:

Nobody cares whether a non-white country opens its gates or blocks immigration. But the world would object if Iceland closed its borders. Every white country is supposed to be “a melting pot,” but nobody outside DEMANDS that of any non-white country, black, brown or yellow.

The “race problem” means a Final Solution to the White Problem.

Also do not spend time on any one determined anti-white unless you have an audience. You are speaking to the audience, not to the nut job who hates his own kind.

To be frank with you, Wandrin, you are still on the Stormfront wave-length. Mixing up our message with Israel shows this.

1) Aim at the AUDIENCE;

2) Stop letting them get off the subject. The point is not what non-whites do, the point is that there is a DEMAND on ALL white countries and ONLY on white countries for immigration and assimilation;

3) Don’t screw up the Mantra with some other agenda.