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Pro-Whites Are on Our Own in a Vicious World

From time to time some young person on campus asks me how much he can say and still not be liquidated career wise. Some are actually staying on for an academic career, and they do not look forward to all those years of hypocrisy until they get tenure.

I am not very comforting, nor do I think I am the person who could advise them best:

I went back to grad school briefly in 1992,and from that and other sources I know that the suppression of thought is much greater seen than when I was in academe, and it was rough then.

I am able to say what you want to say because I am safely retired from a workaholic career.

You can probably get away with some version of Mantra as a “special concern,” but you had better be orthodox on all else.

It will be of interest to me if you get away with some version of the Mantra before you get warned.

You can do good field work as you find the answer to your own question. What CAN you say? You will have to find that out in the field rather than from a person who’s a generation out of date.

I think you can get away with some version of the Mantra. But even tenure won’t protect from this kind of heresy,

Like the Soviet samizdat writers, “You will NEVER be FREE.”

So, as always, I want to remind you that YOU have to learn all this in ACTION.

My drilling can be very useful to you, but one reason it is is because I read GCVI carefully, and I read the reports people send to me.

Calling my stuff your drill has some lessons in it. The most obvious thing you find in military history is that professional soldiers fight exactly the same way they lost the last war. The strategy of France against Germany in 19870, 1914, and 1940 was exactly the same, and each time they got stomped on.

This may be part of the explanation why so many pro-white leaders keep doing the same thing over and over and expect different results. They can’t overcome their DRILLING.

You note I am wrong about a lot of details and even spelling. You will correct me if I go too far over the edge, and the only facts that would make my writings seriously wrong would be if someone actually showed me an Ancient Civilization whose people collapsed PERMANENTLY and who didn’t turn into brown people, or how the world was anxious to get rid of any other race than ours.

I give you pivotal realities, and the details are part of the explanation. But the real test of what I say is when I am out there trying my stuff on real people. My advice to you is tested daily on the battlefront YOU are on.

As we get more participants, we will have some who report their experience among the Thought Police, who make no secret of their existence, on campus.

In the Soviet Union, samizdat writers had no guide but how many of their fellows were arrested for a particular article, to the extent they could find out.

But, as one commenter pointed out, the samizdats did not make real progress until they broke through the Silence, exactly the way BUGS is aimed at doing.

A totalitarian today makes as few open martyrs as he can. Everywhere the modern tyranny ruins or commits people, it doesn’t smash their door down.

The Silence has been imposed steadily on America. Racists used to be interviewed by talk show hosts, under very unfair conditions, but they were interviewed. Then all the hosts decided that anyone who even interviewed one would be committing heresy. They were no longer subjected to ridicule, because Archie Bunker showed a lot of people saw through the game, so they were subjected to the Silence.

Today respectable conservatives are the “other side,” the ONLY “other side.” In their later years, the Communists adopted this strategy.

In East Germany I saw the headquarters of the Social Democratic Party of the DDR, an “opposition” voice supported and chained by the still-Stalinist Communist Party which ruled East Germany. The Russian Orthodox Church was a branch of the State in Soviet Russia, which paid the priests’ salaries.

Those who thought the Church would oppose the regime were sadly disappointed.

Respectable “Christian” conservatives know which side their bread is buttered on.

This is a life-and-death game for young people who expect to depend on academe for their livelihoods. Nor is any other pro-white’s livelihood much safer.

In a case like this, I am not about to play The Wise Old Man at the risk of people’s ruining themselves taking my advice.

If you have some good advice on this and you withhold it from Comments, you are taking the same risk with your comrades’ lives.

The final authority in BUGS is not Bob, it is reality.