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Conservative Cowardice is a Fact of Life

A long, long time ago a liberal who worked for my first publisher was comparing types of bravery. He said he had worked for a branch of public broadcasting and they had been openly Marxist.

This stopped the comparisons.

You see, people on my side got their careers ruined for expressing their sentiments, we didn’t get PAID to do it.

But the left absolutely spills over with money. Whenever I see those programs about protecting the whales, my first thought is how much that gigantic, highly maneuverable luxury boat costs.

People sit drooling at their bravery. But in any large movement you can find people who are physically brave. I spent a lot of time among mercenaries. It was a great cover. What people exposing you want to find out is something like “Were you a mercenary?” Then no one asks why you were in the area. It’s a lot like pleading guilty to shoplifting so someone will not consider you for the armed robbery that took place nearby at the same time.

To our establishment working in intelligence against the Communists is being a terrorist. When they look into the background of a Red spy he is looked upon as a good guy who was overzealous. An anti-Communist who was in on any rough stuff against the Reds is a Bad Guy.

This has implications. If you read abut the Democratic congressman who got support for the Afghan rebels against the Soviet Occupation of their homeland, you will see the vast opposition he faced, and you can imagine what they would have done if he wasn’t a congressman.

I wasn’t a congressman.

So when a guy tells me how brave he was preaching Marxism on public money, a stance his bosses approve and no conservative will ever have the cajones to do anything about, I am not impressed.

All this is not to prove how brave I am. I had quite enough of old guys bragging abut their incredible bravery from the Greatest Generation, thank you mucho, but this is a practical matter. We are afraid to go out on a limb because we know the people on the right are cowards.

In fact, one of the requirements to be on the respectable right is that you are a coward. No establishment will tolerate people it cannot cow.

It is not an accident that the only one of 538 senators and congressmen, and the delegates, in congress who got out there and forced them to support resistance to the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan was a Democrat. I worked for Republicans and went through battle after battle on Capitol Hill, and they have as strong a filter against Republicans with balls as they have against anyone showing up with a swastika.

That Democrat was also a Southerner. He got the black vote up against the congressman he replaced, and that’s about all you hear about him. He explained he did it all because of a personal grudge against that man for killing his dog.

In real politics the guy he replaced was as pro-black as any other Democrat. I heard him say that on an interview, but it got tuned out somehow.

The sum of what I am saying here is not Deep Wisdom. What I am saying is that, since the left dominates the media, even the most desperate don’t deny that since the Obama campaign, it is the media who get to select their own “Opposition.”

If you got to select your own “opposition,” would you pick people with any backbone, any brains, any irony, any depth,?


If you don’t believe me, take a good look at every one of the professional, quoted conservatives.

This is not a conspiracy, this is a fact of life.