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If You Are a “Professional.” Why Don’t You KNOW?

As revolt goes on in the Middle East, Professional Journalists are asked about the rebels. The question of whether the US should support the rebels would be influenced by what the rebels themselves stand for.

I guess I am going to be the only one to bring up a major point about this. Professional Journalists are asked about opinion among those rebelling. In every case, they simply say “I don’t know.”

But everybody is supposed to realize who the Professional Journalists are.

When Patty Hearst was kidnapped, the Professional Journalists were playing touch football on the lawn of the Hearst Mansion, while a non-Professional went out and found out where she was and who the black group was that had kidnapped her.

As usual, a Professional is one who is credentialed by other Professionals. They don’t have to produce a damned thing.

No one is going to ask a Professional Journalist, “Well, why DON’T you know, or at least how do you plan to find out?” It never occurs to the public to wonder about that.

Intelligence is the same way. An admiral who ran the CIA effectively ended all on-the ground information gathering, the sort of thing I dealt with elsewhere, so when 9/11 came along, people were finally jolted out of their sleep by the fact the CIA had no moles, no inside people , no NOTHING.

The point was that the man was an admiral and therefore a Professional.

We just went through a period when approved Financial Professionals were handling the banking system, and the banking system exploded in our faces.

One again, the Financial Professionals we not required to show anything but that they were approved by other Financial Professionals. Someone who hired a Financial Professional to handle his investments got the same average returns as someone who did it himself, minus the Professionals’ commissions.

Tens of billions of dollars went to Professionals inbuilt huge buildings and put the Professionals in penthouses, and they did not produce one single net dime. Then there were Professionals who rose into handling the whole financial system. The result was the same as turning the banking system over to Joe Blow, except that nobody would let Joe Blow get away with it.