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One Step at a Time

It is true that one should look at what the other side does when it is successful. The problem with that advice is that it has been used by respectable conservatives so much to prove their respectability. So a John McCain has a lot of widely touted “new ideas,” but every one of his “new” ideas is a liberal one.

This is particularly loved by our rulers for the same reason Republicans going for the black vote is ridiculous. Those who, defeat after defeat, said Republicans could get the black vote pointed to Republican landslides, like Ike’s wins in 1952 and 1956, when some 40% of blacks voted for the GOP.

In the case of landslides, those who own the black vote do not put out the voter lists every black has when he goes to vote.

And the bottom-line, in a landslide, the black vote makes no difference. The voter list goes out in the ones where it matters, so every time a Republican believes that 40% myth will help him win a tight race, he gets trounced and blacks vote over 90% against him, as instructed.

The same thing is true when a McCain decides to be “flexible.” McCain decided to work with the Democrats on some “reasonable” gun controls bills. The tendency has been so strongly against anti-gun bills that this one was watered down to be one that might be passed in the present state of public opinion.

So this gun bill was to give the anti-gun lobby new life by getting something minor. Since it was so watered down, McCain decided it was part of his New Image to support it.

It is Republicans who want this New Image who actually pass marginal things like that. There’s nothing minor about them. They don’t waste their time on anything that doesn’t matter. McCain gave the anti-gun lobby a victory when it was about to go down for the count.

Just as the blacks only bother to boss their votes when it COUNTS.

So the cliché that one should do what the other side does when it is successful has a very deserved bad name. It has been routinely used by Republicans who rejected the Wallace vote for the hopeless pursuit of the black vote and by other outright traitors like McCain.

But the simple fact is that we are in this corner largely because somebody found ways to destroy us. Even in the 1950s, if you had described the present situation, integration would have been resisted nationwide. Our position was that integration was step towards a program of intermarriage and of doing away with the white race.

Half of the people who denied that would have switched sides if they had seen today. Those who denied it then embrace it today, but of course they talk about a “multiracial society” as if it applied to nonwhite countries as well as white ones. But people back then would have seen it for what it is.

The other side took the line that advanced their cause at the time. They never discussed what the logical continuation of integration was. They just kept to their line about how blacks were discriminated against.

Today, we are trying to make genocide against our race a legitimate issue. We refuse to discuss what exactly will be done about it until the other side stops using intimidation against us for talking about it.

Those on the other side insist that any discussion of the issue will lead to some specific Evil End.

They never let us talk about that Evil End on integration. They would have been fools to do so.

We honestly don’t know where policy will go when the simple survival of our race is accepted as something that can be discussed without thugs throwing a riot or our careers being ruined.