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We Look GOOD!

You can sure tell when a pro works on something the way our pros redesigned BUGS.

One thing I want you to understand is that I have no idea who the pros were, and this makes a very happy old trooper.

I have spent my whole life on the very, very front line or on the edge, but not because I enjoyed it. I did it because I was the only out there. To me the ultimate luxury is to delegate. So BoardAd told me one of our senior folk — and “senior” here doesn’t mean age — had some talent himself and had found someone to redesign BUGS.

I said Okeedoke, stick it on there and we’ll see what the reaction is. That was the end of my involvement with the entire thing.

I fully expect to be given full credit for doing it all, of course.

I don’t know who put the little bug up there in the first place. I don’t know who put the Santa hat on the bug when Christmas rolled around a few years ago. In every case I appreciated whoever had done it. And in every case I appreciated that whoever did it felt so much a part of our team he didn’t have to check it with Headquarters.

Everything here, except a little matter of, as BBG points out, over 4,000 articles, was not done by me. The BUGS you see was developed by others, people who volunteered to take over the technical work, which includes the visual setup.

They cannot give themselves credit because the other thing I give exclusively is the willingness to put my name out for everybody to see.

We are, as I have said before, samizdat.

In the Middle Ages a lord’s life depended on how many men he could hire to defend him. But that same lord spent more on his finery and obvious, let me repeat that word, obvious, luxury, he had around him. There was nothing frivolous about this. It was, to say the least, not a frivolous time.

But looks count for so much that in the hard calculation between more soldiers and more finery, lords chose so much finery.

Looks count. Looks count a LOT, and I am not the author of the professional look BUGS has steadily acquired over the years. I pity the business that has to put up its own website from scratch.

We look GOOD.