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I Am Finally Doing What I SHOULD Be Doing!

I did not write the introduction to me that is on our web page. I did add the part about me being divorced and wildly attractive but the rest came to me whole.

This is kind of thing I love, when our people just DO it and it’s GOOD.

There is a tough line between telling people you know what you are doing and bragging. Some of my stuff on this is either confused or disgusting either way. Then the writer of the summary gave me the perfect way to put it: “Bob Whitaker has been there and done that.”

Lord knows, NOBODY would deny THAT!

And it is an important description.

H. Avenger sometimes complains about how uninvolved I am, but he is the great example of someone who took the torch and runs with it. That’s what I’m AFTER.

But the fact, I AM involved. Writing this stuff is WORK. My development of ideas has gone on steadily as this writing has continued.

I am telling you here what the future is likely to be, but with me, the Future is not a Doctrine, it is a human prediction, and it takes a LOT of thought.

Four thousand articles in twelve years (Thanks, BBG!) requires a LOT of work. In those years, my audience has changed. Then I had to write for a tiny, largely theocratic Southern Nationalist audience.

Only I can see the real change! Try to imagine the terminology we used back then. Almost every paragraph I write contains a term that any other audience would need at least an article to understand. And far more than half of that terminology was developed HERE.

I am working very hard. My predictions are often astonishingly correct, but that is because I am just about the only writer about the Future whose only purpose is to BE right, not to appeal to an audience.

A professor in a real seminar is SUPPOSED to learn as much as his students do.

H. Avenger, who has not only got us thousands of readers and reaches more people than we do, but who got our entire site makeover done. He knows I’m tired and I’m on disability. He is just making it clear that I would be welcome to join in more.

My time and effort is budgeted. A lot of interviewers have given me an open invitation.

But all my time and thought should be HERE now. You have gone so far at picking up my whole system of thought that commenters are way past the stuff I had to devote articles to introducing in earlier years thorough the land mines of touchy people.

This is my golden opportunity. I EARNED it in fifty-five years of being there and going through that in the frustration YOU are now familiar with. Two heart attacks and two nervous breakdowns later, I am not an abandoned old man who was right, but I can think and speak freely HERE with intellectual peers.

This is a real Seminar, the first one in a generation, and every bit of energy I spend elsewhere has to come out of this, my real work.

I am writing and I am reading your comments and that is what I SHOULD be doing.