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Anti-Whites are Provincial

Surely there are some among our thousands who think that Bob came up with all this stuff from sheer genius, like the gods who sprang straight from the head of Jupiter.

My poor Ego, which has suffered one constant beating since I was born the fifth of five children seventy years ago, begs me to tell those who have the idea that I am some of demigod to PLEASE keep on thinking so, and not to read this article. The poor thing has taken a lot of beatings, back to my older siblings and a football coach who used to yell out, when I did something stupid AGAIN, “Feel around you, Whitaker, maybe you’re still in bed!”

Then there was Washington, DC.

Nonetheless, I just came up with an idea for the Mantra that one would think would have occurred to a Mantra Thinker, not just The Great Genius Himself, long ago.

In discussion, the problem is to change the focus of the discussion from “I have no problem with a black man marrying a white woman” to the whole world view of which that is a part.

Now that we have a critical mass of people to try it out, may I suggest you TRY, “That is a very provincial point of view.”

Now the last thing on earth someone repeating this Politically Correct crap ever considers is that he is being Provincial. That is his main point of pride against us, that WE are a bunch of hillbilly throwbacks. You might get some shocked silence from calling them that in which you can explain, rather than ram in, the Mantra.

In some cases, you may get deep interest, since no one has ever heard an anti-white called “provincial” before, and the rest of what you say may be interesting.

I am wondering whether I should go ahead and anticipate how different the discipline may be for you not to allow them to get off the point when you use this sneak punch on them. Reading Comments VI I am often reminded that some of you have become better at this toe-to-toe and snout-to-snout battle than I am.

After all, you have done what the Mantra normally avoids. You have introduced another subject besides “ALL white countries and ONLY white countries” into your attack. They could try to switch the debate to the definition of “sophisticated.”

But I doubt it. These people have NEVER had ANYBODY argue against them, so they are usually too stunned to deal with the stated Mantra. But the problem is that a whole different world view is hard to get time to STATE.

If a regular opponent — which you shouldn’t have unless your debates give you an audience — does come up with this, you can lightly disavow the claim to sophistication and say that is a point of view larger than just an individual country or an individual marriage. But if some of you actually TRY this, you will develop your battle formation better than you will by taking ANYBODY’S untried theoretical talk — even that of Bob Hisself — as your guide.

This is the first time I have developed a possibly very important strategy and had the luxury of leaving it to YOU to try out. I want reports on it from YOU in action, not you in theory.

It seems to me that, when a group is talking and someone gives some version of “multicultural” talk or the standard line on they do not mind interracial marriage, someone who simply said, “That is a very provincial point of view,” might often get a complete silence and interest that will give him the chance to hit them with some more, instead of trying to jam the whole Mantra in at one go.

When George Wallace was running for president in 1968, the proud Governor of Alabama got a ten thousand dollar check from John Wayne. It came with a very short note:

“Sic ’em, George!”

So I am proud to present this far overdue strategy to you with the words:

“Sic ’em, BUGS!”