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BUGS’ Gipper Thanks You

I feel a bit like Horatio at the Bridge must have felt like when his comrades finally joined him there. General Comments VI is pouring in new experiences and new approaches in the exact area where I spent so many years knocking down the enemy while no other pro-whites would join in.

The thing was, it was a standing joke how quickly I could take an anti-white apart.

They thought it was great.

They smiled when I confronted one of the anti-whites, but they smiled as if I was some kind of freakishly talented boxer rather than having any methods they could use. I forget when I was introduced to Stormfront, but it was at a New Orleans convention, you know, back when we had some freedom of assembly, in the 90s.

I had formalized the Mantra by then after many, many years. As one commenter noted, I almost destroyed the once-huge Opposing View section with the Mantra. For me, this was history repeating itself. I had had the same problem for decades trying to get conservatives to abandon that middle of the road crap and that getting the black vote crap.

All this I have been through before. What I would like to express to you is how it feels, after decades of fighting uphill, to suddenly have you out there DOING THE JOB. It makes me a bit dizzy.

After all these years of winning fights while the only response I got from my own side was theory about “what is the best approach,” when practically nobody who theorized had actually done any approaching but me, now we have people already developed at my level out there reporting back what they DID, not what they would theoretically do if they engaged a hypothetical anti-white, or, as they called them, an “anti.”

One of our Comments VI commenters put one part of it beautifully:

No Apologies.

That is , unlike The Stormfronters in the Opposing Views section, who always started out by trying to prove they weren’t really “racists,” or “evil,” or whatever other verbal trap the anti-whites enmeshed them in, we go in calling THEM anti-whites.

CONSISTENTLY calling them anti-whites. A commenter called me into line when I failed to be consistent on the term “anti-white,” and you can’t imagine what a thrill it is, after decades of trying to spoon some of this into a few isolated SFers, to have one of my own people call ME down about it!


And another new experience for me is that some people who have actually been ENGAGING THE ENEMY come back to Comments VI to describe a problem they ran into, an argument they had some trouble with.

After all these years of pure frustration, and you know how that wears on you, I don’t have to say a word. Several others of our team deal with the question!

What I want to get across to you is the sheer joy I experience when you get in there and knuckle it out and then come back here and THINK about it and go back in. I express all my earlier frustration, not to show off how tough I am, but to get you to feel some of the excitement, the RELIEF, the JOY of watching you sic the bastards and doing so as a learning experience so you can sic the bastards harder.

This is not just opposite to all my earlier experience, it feels like a miracle.

I have gotten used to all the bad parts, the frustration, the lack of any respect for approaches that really hit the enemy. I expect every old general who has done his best in a couple of wars has inured himself to that sort of thing especially if the poor bastard was a Frenchman.

What is unique is not my Sufferings. You get plenty of that from Jews.

What is unique is the experience I am experiencing right now, watching my gung-ho and smart operatives go in there and take what I tried so hard for so long — and failed — to get a few others to do.

Kelso is always amazed at all the pro-whites he regards as demigods whom I knew personally and worked with. Yes, I knew them all. I am honored to be a living link to our past heroes.

But, if you look at it from MY point of view, you see there is something I have missed in all the decades since then. Those were years of my youth in which I could look UP to the Carleton Coons and Carleton Putnams and Henry Garretts and learn from them and depend on them.

It HURTS when they die out and you find yourself trying to convince all the big names in the anti-Communist and pro-white camp to simply show some SMARTS!

What I want to share with you is the sheer joy, a joy I thought was dead, of learning from YOU.

To me, Comments I through VI or VII or wherever you go is a kind of joy I never thought to experience again, but more intense. I only go into my bad experiences to try to get you to understand what a unique JOY this is.

Thank you, Comrades.

Get out there and win another one for the Gipper.