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The Self Hate Industry

Posted by Bob on March 30th, 2011 under Coaching Session

It is routine for anti-whites to accuse us of hate. Only BUGS doesn’t have to bother with that because we start out with an attack on their real hate which is aimed directly at the first world-wide genocide program in history.

But we all know that if somebody says something good about whites, he is on the edge of being a racist.

If any man says something good about men, he is routinely called a sexist.

If an American says something good about America, he had better hurry and talk about the bad side.

We pay teachers and professors billions each year to denounce whites, males, America, and, like O’Reilly, anybody whose ancestors drove back the Indians and Mexicans and all the rest and made this a safe place for the O’Reillys and Jews and all the rest of the Ellis Island crowd to immigrate to when the struggle was over.

In return, the Ellis Island Museum tells us all how awful our ancestors were to the sweet little Indians. Now we are required to say the same things to get through Middle School, much less college.

While we talk incessantly about the big money the SPLC rakes in, we don’t make the connection between groups like SPLC and the Holocaust Industry and how they naturally lead to other hate groups. I was a lot to closer to this whole thing since I made my living in the middle of the Cause Industry.

If you wanted to get money for a comfortable life and a good retirement before the Weakest Generation took over, you found a demand in the market and you supplied it. It was Prohibition that made a market for a new industry, illegal liquor.

Prohibition opened a market for an industry which, by definition, had to be an illegal industry. We created the demand and the exact people filled any idiot would expect would fill it: Criminals. Today the Drug War fulfills exactly the same function.

We all have at least hard about facts like these. What we do NOT hear about is that every new hate industry, like the civil rights movement which never hesitated to align itself with white hatred for the very EXISTENCE of the white race, creates a demand for another way to hate yourself.

So new self-hate factories spread over the land. The movie “The Happening” had the True Scientist shouting, “Mankind was a Threat to the Planet!!!”

As with the white race, since people wouldn’t disappear for the good of the planet, they could exist as little as possible.

But, as with the white race, the complete end of the existence of humans would be ideal.

Agencies of the British Government have been publishing recommendations for whites to have less children. It pointed out that an Ethiopian child produces about one half percent as much Global Warming output as a white child does.

But anyone seeing this will realize that NO people at all produces even less Evil

And if you follow the money, you will see this logic pursued relentlessly, not for idealism, but as a matter of hard cash.

Nowadays if you are white, you will have a hell of a time getting a good job out of the going hate movements. So the whites go out and create their own small businesses inside the Self-Hate Industry.

So we praise every species of worm and blame every human for breathing. Everybody in a specialty branch of the Self Hate Industry gives the impression that he would be glad to stop breathing, but he must keep breathing for the Cause.

Stokeley Carmichael is the only “black leader” I know of who moved to Africa to help blacks. Every other “black leader” finds it absolutely necessary that HE personally stay, not only in the Evil White Man’s Territory, but in the wealthier neighborhoods thereof.

One absolutely essential trait for a respectable conservative is that he insist that each and every leftist leader is fine and sincere person. They won’t mention the Self Hate Industry anymore than they will mention the Berlin Wall that surrounded every single Communist state, right through today.

Nobody is going to mention the Self Hate Industry, which is a major foundation of all political thinking and policy, until Mantra Thinkers are ready for it.

  1. #1 by BGLass on 03/30/2011 - 7:47 am

    “…[hate industry]… like O’Reilly, [who hates] anybody whose ancestors drove back the Indians and Mexicans and all the rest and made this a safe place for the O’Reillys and Jews and all the rest of the Ellis Island crowd to immigrate to when the struggle was over….”

    They hated us more than they could love their own children. That’s the final sentence on it, maybe.

    The Anti-Germanism of the Jews, coupled with the Anti-English-ISM of the Irish in particular (as the German Catholics were still German, and therefore became hate objects and had to experience themselves, also, as hate object in what had been land they’d settled). The Germans are not big on t.v. lineups today. The Lowland Scots who came through Ulster and made up half the revolutionary army are lumped with the Brits as loyalists, even their descendents in America now, according to some later-comer groups, anyway, so the initial hate against “America” was against Brits and German, the Ulster Scots, the anglo-saxons.

    Germans, English and Lowlanders are the most truly hated objects (this is apparent from the Hitler movies, to the redneck Deliverance movies, to the parodies of stuffy dissociated wasps who drink tea while the world falls in all around them, to the blonde with the black or mexican commercials and so on— they are the impetus for most hate images, and pushed to mix themselves, to not have “their own” families, but to do penance because they are slavers, colonists, genociders and so on.

    As that parsed out, seems like the Jews wished to team with blacks, onto whom they projected their own selves (a very unsophisticated thing, not to realize others are not you!), so to jews, blacks were like proxy-jews (like that later Kaufman book “The Broken Alliance” about how jews don’t trust blacks anymore and are now “neo-cons” which means breaking with the “left”, the “black alliance”), and the Irish tend to prefer to use the Mexicans, and have fought with them even, and so on.

    So, in a weird way, it always seemed the black and Mexican gang troubles were really the Jews starting to fight the Irish, and by extension other Catholics, but the Catholics from communist countries, like in Central Europe, like Hungary, for instance, don’t share the anti-American hate in the same way, as Anti-English-ism, and Anti-Germanism; but want to warn of communism. And German catholics are hated b/c they are German.

    German descent have a “dual consciousness” in America, like the English/Lowland Scottish wasps (whose images coincide entirely with the Boers/Afrikanners, same type). The hate objects, hear hate against them, then try in many ways to distance themselves, or dissociate themselves, like “I’m not THAT kind of white,” and so on. Psychologically, it would be better for them just to deal with the fact people hate them, but they don’t believe it would be better for them that way.

    The failed or striving nationalist ambitions of other groups was taken out on the people of the U.S., who had already tried to make a stand for themselves, also. The others never even understood where they landed, or their own hate, or that they were just expending their hate brought from abroad. Daniel Day Lewis can be sexy in essentially pro-IRA movies, like Liam Nissan, just like Ghandi is good. But the American nation was bad, bad, bad. The core generational Americans (hundreds of millions) cannot figure out what is happening to them. They won a war, why are they allowed no voice?

    Anyway, others insisted on playing out their overseas hate on a country that had already moved on, elsewhere.

    They will never even know what they destroyed! How can they correct problems they, themselves, made in a country they cannot even perceive? From their other cultures, the constitutional America and its freedoms (not of “choice in products” which is the only way the ghetto can understand “freedom”)–but freedom to think, is just not something they seem to have a use for (they do not perceive it, nor mourn its passing, nor even perceive it is gone, as they never used it).

    The move from Anti-Germanism and Anti-English-ism (as the Germans, English, and Lowlander Scots who came through Ulster, are primarily who caved out the wilderness and fought other european groups to do so)— to Anti-White is just an aspect of “Growing the Hate Business.”

    Now hate becomes larger, more encompassing, marching toward that “Total Hate”—the one hate by which all things can be understood.

    people talk about “polarization” on t.v., but never that it is a stated step in the process of genocide, a known part of the slow build to genocide. Anyone can read about it on lists of how genocide forms.

    But they hated us more than they could love their own children— that’s the final name on them.

    Anti-Germanism and Anti-Englishism, Anti-Lowland-Scottishism, became anti-colonialism— then slowly, Anti-WHITE as the hate business grew.

    More wasps see this than is publicly imagined. But they just think it serves the others right.

    Wasps cut off their nose to spite their face— and so they, too, hate the others more than they love their own children. No one cares anymore—but for different reasons. Deep down, a lot of wasps are glad to see the country go down.

    It’s not theirs anyway–right? They are told this over and over and over. Why should they care about those who hate them, which is everyone? Today, children of colonists would not even put “America” on a list of places to move, probably.

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