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The Movement Minefield: Explosives Please Go Elsewhere

Now that the KGB files have been open for twenty years, we know that about every single person Senator McCarthy called a Communist has a KGB file describing exactly what he did for the Soviets against the US.

Please note that not mentioning things like this is more than the natural reaction of a media that was dead wrong. It is not merely a natural ideological response. The Silence is as much a strategy as is Radio Silence in war.

I am not be the only person who remembers those KGB files. I may not be the only one who remembers that the Berlin Wall was just one part of the wall around ALL Communist states as a fugitive slave measure. Every time I mention one of these phenomena, outraged protests come from others who REMEMBER these things.

But not one of them can cite an occasion where he MENTIONED them. This is more important than any claim of mine.

As I say, even those we ally with remain dumb fixtures of THEIR society.

The way one becomes a respectable conservative with a paycheck is, above all, to maintain Radio Silence.

Fox had a hugely advertised expose of Israeli spying in the US. It lasted one show.

Then something happened straight out of George Orwell. Instead of saying the series had been suspended or that it was “controversial,” which is the only reason leftists needs to ban anything, Fox simply stated, “This series no longer exists.”

That was a signal to the few Americans who even remember what freedom of speech outside Mommy Professor’s rules WAS. In an America before the Weakest Generation it would have caused a flurry, a groundswell, of defiance.

There would have been QUESTIONS: WHY does this series no longer exist.

All the Conspiracy nut jobs insist that all of Fox is just like everybody else because they couldn’t let an A-Bomb go off if it wasn’t in their book. Any other announcement of sinking under Israel Lobby pressure would have been smooth as silk. No other media would start such a series in the first place.

But when one tries to explain signals and subtleties to our side, you forfeit most of your audience.

You watch, for the thousandth time, when somebody says Hitler was only a bad guy because he was SOCIALIST. I kid you not, that saying anything good about Laurel and Hardy showed you were a homo because they were just a secret ad for queers.

Trying to explain subtleties to the old League of the South group, which was heavily populated with fundamental Calvinists, was tiptoeing through a mine field. But just about any group that could sympathize with what I had to say had been trained in an endless list of detailed historical plots, a minefield I got awfully tired of walking through.

So if I criticize BBG’s church or refuse to list the Jewish names connected with what I am talking about, remember that I consider the minefield crowd enormously dispensable.

The minefield crowd is the reason I remember at least one vicious fight a year inside organizations, and why antiestablishment groups almost invariably rip themselves to pieces.

The minefield type is not welcome here. Any group that allows them into it is headed for self-destruction.

When I say something the Catholic Church did badly, BBG has a civilized, friendly reply, and he could recite me a list of Church mistakes that I never heard of.

The same is true of other commenters who FIT in BUGS. Each one is expected to have a point of view. I am teaching a way of looking at the world, not a doctrine.

So if one is capable of walking out if any of us makes comments he doesn’t like, let me assure that that person is liability from the word Go, and over fifty years of experience have taught me that you should dump those explosives and let them go off in somebody else’s face.