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Don’t Have Touchy People on Your Political Team

I have explained why it is a disaster to have anyone in your team who could possibly have a tantrum and take his toys and go home because of an incident or an article. People who will go to pieces over something you write about religion or any other subject are time bombs waiting to go off, and you do NOT want them around any serious political team, even one as big as ours.

In the regular political arena, though, gratuitous insults to huge segments of votes that you have to get are signs that you need professional care. The Democratic Party did not even notice that when it accused George W of “Dodging the draft in the National Guard,” they grossly insulted millions of people who had served in the National Guard.

It never came up.

The National Guard is a service in which no one anywhere the media elite ever has anything to do with. It is a wok ring class thing, a local thing. So those who claim to represent “workers” by reading the New York Times would not know about anyone but George W who would take it personally.

When National Review did a COVER article against ME in 1976 — which made me so happy I was on air — one quote was that Bob Whitaker was “More comfortable with the kind of people who shop at Niemann-Marcus (The Texas version of Wal-Mart at the time)” than with intellectuals like themselves.

Even from that bunch of political fools, this astonished me. Like Democrats with the National Guard, it did not even occur to them that they were denouncing tens of millions of actual VOTERS, all they had in mind was getting to ME.

I WAS more comfortable with anyone shopping at Niemann-Marcus than with the political moron who wrote that article.

He was working at the Voice of America when I was there and I got to tell him so.

Like when, in the 2004 campaign, John Kerry warned college students in a campus speech that if they didn’t study they would end up in Iraq.

That went over well with the entire military forces and their families.

Yes, in your trusted political TEAM, you have to get rid of all the touchy political time bombs. But electoral politics is an entirely different matter.

The point being that you PICK your team. The voters you cannot choose.



No, Things Don’t Just Get Better By Getting Worse

There is not the slightest hope that America is going resolve its deficit problems.

Even if politicians cut out every single program which Congress CAN cut, discretionary programs, the Federal budget is now overwhelmingly entitlements.

Like my pension.

You could cut out the military entirely and the entitlements would fill up the hole.

Nowadays when I don’t want to hear the usual tale of woe some other old person has about the debt problem or other declining things about our system, I just say, “We’re becoming a third world country. Everything is coming apart like it does in the third world.”

Oddly enough, that ends the discussion. I get silence for the while I need it to get out.

In the rest of the world’s terms, what we have is what all non-White countries have.

You learn to live with it. Brazil had an annual inflation of forty to one hundred percent every year for decades. It tooled right along.

Some colored money systems got stabilized by the first world. I have not paid any attention to international money since I got paid to. I hear a number of third world countries, brown countries in other words, were “stabilized” monetarily by white countries and Japan. This may include Brazil.

But the stabilizers are turning into Brazils.

My Brazilian Point is that a third world policy does not “Make money worthless” or “Cause an economic collapse.”

It does lead to things like five dollars a gallon for gas, but that is not a “catastrophe.”

It would have been a generation ago.

You see, what all those people who expect the whole thing to come crashing down never take into account is that “catastrophe” is a relative term. They keep talking News and Jews and look forward to the day when “Things get so bad that people won’t take them any more.”

But, like the prospect of five dollar a gallon gasoline and an ever steeper drop in the value of money, a third world country gets used to them.

In my youth, the idea of searching students for weapons routinely and drug dealers on campus were only dreamed of in a society where revolution was right around the corner.

In the meantime I have lived in a LOT of third world countries and watched nothing happen. Then I came back to a United States where everything had happened that everybody agreed COULDN’T happen, and it goes on along.

Things will get a LOT worse, but those who make their livings complaining about it, from liberals to Tea Party types, or those who are going to EXPOSE THE POWERS, will have the same jobs until they go to their graves.

There is no automatic mechanism for “Things get so bad that people HAVE to do something about it.”

Increasing catastrophes, what we see TODAY as catastrophes, won’t do a single thing on their own. Increasing catastrophes, what we see TODAY as catastrophes, WILL make it easier or even inevitable for team like ours to win.

But things getting worse will do nothing if all you do is breathless news stories and denounce Conspiracies.

Increasing catastrophes, what we see TODAY as catastrophes,

The old approach didn’t WORK and it WON’T WORK.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.



Traditional Values

The institutions based on the name of Christ started with a degenerate philosophy from the last stages of Zoroastrianism, then considered high sophistication by St. Paul and the Pharisees.

For a millennium and a half, this institution preached that one should select the most intelligent and, yes, the most beautiful of each generation and spay or neuter them, psychologically of course.

Origen was condemned for making the castration literal. Whatever quibble one wants to make about the history, that WAS banned by church law. All human sacrifice was to be done by psychological means, but it was as wholesale as that of the Aztecs, and far more selective.

Then came the Calvinists, who rejected the human sacrifice angle, but concentrated entirely on another aspect of degenerate Zoroastrian Christianity, the torture end.

You see, the other part of Catholic doctrine was self-torture.

I just stand there looking stunned when cowlike moos shape themselves into the following question:

How could a society that for most of its history regarded hunger, psychological self torture, and yes, whipping oneself and wearing hair shirts, which were worse, along with sterility as the highest value of all? How could such set of Traditional Values end up making its white people regard self-hatred and self-destruction as the highest possible good?

Well, gosh, gang, I don’t know.

But the Calvinists put even the Inquisitors in the shade. Calvin himself burned a classmate of his to burning and screaming slowly to death.

Then he declared, as Luther did, though that is less well known, that the essence of God was Hell. Most people were born, not just for self-torture, but for eternal damnation.

This, he stated, was for the Glory of God. There a tiny minority of the Saved would ENJOY watching the Sinners eternally tortured.

Goodness gracious, how could good, solid Traditional Values based on healthy foundations like those POSSIBLY end up, in what was once Western Christendom, fanatically dedicated to its own racial death?

If you wonder about that, one of us is insane.



Snobbery Versus Victory

My brother sent me an article from the respectable conservative Weekly Standard. It has a feature picture of David Horowitz being escorted to speak at a university forum with two bodyguards. Horowitz is demanding the Academic Bill Of Rights which, among other things, says that a student should have the right to appeal if he is downgraded purely for having a political opinion other than Mommy Professor’s.

The article cites numerous examples of students being flunked for having non-Marxist opinions.

President Cary Nelson of the American Association of University Professors, AAUP, fanatically opposes the measure and makes it plain that he is a Marxist. He says, as I keep pointing out to you here, that Marxists believe that “Everything is fundamentally political and there is no reason why the classroom shouldn’t enjoy the benefits of a being a stage for progressive activists attempting to win converts for their cause.” (Quote from article)

I wrote and published about this in 1976 which split the mainline respectable conservative publication down the middle, one side producing a review called “Read This One!” The Buckley side produced a front page article attacking me largely for my attack on “higher education.”

One very essential point the front page 1976 article made was that was that redneck like me whose specialty was being out on the streets with the Wallace Democratic working stiffs WAS uniquely able to speak for what they later called “social conservatives,” But not about academe.

That was up to the Buckleys of the world.

The Weekly Standard goes on to point out that “mainline conservatives” ceded higher education to the left a generation ago.”

Really? What a surprise!

Does this sound familiar to anybody?

Does it sound a bit like the difference between me and Jared Taylor today?

The Weekly Standard article begins it last paragraph with, “I am persuaded that the Academic Bill of Rights didn’t get a fair hearing. But I am less than certain about what to do next.”

Don’t blame yourself, old buddy, that “uncertainty” has been a job requirement of respectable conservatives for over forty years.



Empowered Minority — A Prelude to Revolution?

Dave pointed out that “Robert Whitaker nailed the political plumbing when he said, ‘The white race must become an empowered minority instead of a powerless majority.’”

When Lincoln became president in 1860, it was because the Democratic Party has split into three major divisions, so Lincoln’s forty percent of the vote was a complete rout in the electoral college.

Further, the three parts of the Democratic Party knew very well they didn’t stand a chance, so Republicans were guaranteed a landslide victory, something that brings out the vote.

In 1933 the National Socialists and the Communist Party elected a majority of the Reichstag between them. So the new government had to include either Hitler or Stalin’s puppets. Like Lincoln’s minority election, this is something you won’t read about elsewhere.

Lenin took power in 1917 because he had a fractured opposition, from Czarists to all the different brands of non-Bolshevik socialists and conservatives and liberals in between. In fact, one major turning point occurred when the chairman of the Soviets asked the endless variety in the hall “Is there any party that would be willing to take full responsibility now?” and Lenin stood up and said, “There IS such a Party!”

The famous painting of Lenin standing and saying that was so popular that they later had Stalin standing up just behind him.

Talking about the 1860 election, Hitler’s appointment, and Lenin’s grabbing control in the midst of the complete division of his opponents, one is reminded of the old Chinese curse:

“May you live in interesting times.”

The period following Hitler’s appointment, the four years following Lincoln’s election, and the decades in the USSR after Lenin took power were not just interesting. they were fascinating.

For the survivors.

But there is another aspect of a situation where power goes, not to a majority but to an empowered minority, and it is critical.

In such situations, the result is total victory for the empowered minority.

After his Party won the plurality in the 1933, there was no doubt that Hitler was absolute Fuhrer.

After his Party won the election of 1860, the decades-old argument went from Fugitive Slave Laws enforcement in Northern States to black citizenship, suffrage and outright dictatorship of the South by the North.

As to the USSR, there weren’t a whole lot of groups out there compromising with Lenin and Stalin after the October Revolution.

I flatter myself that when the showdown comes, respectables won’t stand a chance against a team coached by Old Bob.