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Adelheim and Creator Part 6

Adelheim and Creator go over recent Mantra activities in Iceland



Dammit, listen: WE ARE SAMIZDAT!

There was a piece “debunking” the Mantra in a pro-white website which was quoted in GC6.

It is the standard anti-white stuff with a pro-white twist.

It begins with the standard line, “This has all been answered before.” That is the OV tactic that I pointed out to you before: after an embarrassing point has been made, the other side tries to discuss it for a while and then says “This is the old standard so and so” and “We have already discussed that.

It’s another dodge. This one begins with how the Mantra is old, old, old and long answered.

With no specifics, as always.

The it goes into some chest-beating about how this is all white whining, with the same as the usual, but with a twist that the white man is too proud to go whining that way.

It is all standard stuff, but this time repeated on the pro-white, anti-Mantra side.

I have been sent some more recent attacks on the Mantra from a major pro-white group yesterday, which I haven’t read over yet.

Don’t be impressed by the standard reply from a different source. Replies to the Mantra are very few and all have been done so badly they make the Battle of New Orleans look like a British victory.

But we have broken through the Silence on the pro-white side. Before those who did not like the Mantra tried to simply ignore it.

And the pro-whites who haven’t taken up the Mantra are my personal heroes, they REMAIN my personal heroes. We are asking them for a total new orientation, and that is a LOT.

I do not like the fact that so far our leaders’ strategy has been the Silence, like that of our opponents. But they have been doing this a long time, since when I was making my money on the respectable conservative side. A prostitute is in no position to easily criticize these people personally.

And these stalwarts are not the kind of people who take quickly to a new approach. But they WILL come around, and after we bring enough of them around we will have good practice for dealing with the much larger, but also weaker-willed, mainline commentators.

Don’t be confused by the same nonsense from a different source.

It is a rather obvious tactic to say that the Mantra is “whining.” The other side has tried that tactic. But this gives me an opportunity to get us back to orientation on our goal.

We are saying, not only that our side is oppressed,, but that they have no right to demand where we are going until we have the right to DISCUSS the whole issue as openly as Party Liners can discuss theirs.

I repeat: We are SAMIZDAT.

Not only do we not have to answer charges of demanding violence, we don’t have to discuss any IMPLICATIONS, like Nazism and so forth, until we are allowed to go public the way Party Members are. Saying a pro-white discussion of race is Nazi is exactly the same as saying that any discussion of income distribution is Stalinist. We have already had the Red Scare, which said that all opposition of American entry into World War I was Communist.. This is the same thing again that all mainstreamers denounce in history but use today against us.

Samizdat were NOT “whiners.” They demanded freedom to speak out under THEIR Party Rule. The ideology of samizdats was all over the map, and that divided them. They FINALLY stopped spending all their time arguing about the details of the Future State and joined in bringing down the monopoly of power of the State in existence over them.

The result is that the USSR is GONE.


If we want to wipe out our liberal-respectable conservative establishment, we are going to have to join together and demand free speech on the genocide of our race.

Samizdat faced a lot nastier suppression than any of those who call us “whiners” did.

And, unlike those who refuse to use the Mantra approach today, samizdat WON.