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A Training Film

I was told about by one of our people.

It’s anti-white and it is JUST what we need!

In this diatribe you have almost every way the anti-white uses to GET OFF THE SUBJECT.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is precisely what our leaders and Stormfronters as well as the anti-whites always do.

I am so grateful to this anti-white for doing it I am in danger of doing a Hannity and kissing his ass complimenting him.

But he did do one smart thing. He actually read the Mantra, but he did it line by line, with several minutes of getting off the point after each quotation.

First he attacked, “Everybody says there is a Race problem.” Among the other dodges, he went into is “Everybody.”

I have never said everybody. I say “People say there is this race problem.”

But anti-whites’ only goal is to get off the simple logic of the Mantra. So splitting it up paragraph by paragraph is a smart move.

I am not going to describe every bit of it. There’s nothing you haven’t heard.

The old “There is no such thing as a white country.” WE don’t define the term. THEY never even MENTION Japanese or Taiwanese immigration but they go ballistic if Iceland restricts it. Immigration into white countries is such a fixed demand that it is not noticed.

The man even disputes the word “crowded!”

This is a GREAT piece. Every respectable conservative and most Stormfronters can see their own quibbles right here, all together.

What is particularly funny to me is his jumping on my saying “liberals and respectable conservatives.”

He gloatingly announces to the world that I have screwed up and admitted I am not “respectable!!!”

Boy, now THERE’S a surprise to all BUGSters. Bob does not claim the “respectable” label!