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Time for Some Coach Talk

You are driving the anti-whites NUTS!

They ban you after you get the Mantra in, but the Mantra keeps popping up on those same sites, among those anti-whites.

Their world is no longer what it was, a place where the only other side was a bunch of “Racists” who talked nothing but News and Jews. I am the only person who has been through this idea-spreading before, andrepeatedly over a number of years, so I certainly recognize this first stage,

Like all coaches, I want to give you credit for making the first play work. But all of you who have been on teams know that with that praise ALWAYS comes a BUT, a warning.

At this point there is often a loosening of discipline. It is hard not to listen to an eight-minute diatribe like the one on our training film and not respond by showing what an idiot the speaker is.

Don’t. If he hasn’t banned you yet, you can make a point, but DO NOT get sidetracked.

But a worse danger comes from discussions with “our” side. They will want to talk about their particular problem with the Mantra, some detail of the Mantra.

The main point the Coach tries to get across in his “You did well, BUT…” is that you are all he HAS.

The Coach has a team that is a group of potential winners. But YOU are what he has. Every bit of intellectual or physical effort someone manages to extort from you off the subject, off the everything that got you his praise, is a score for THEIR side, what the English call an “Own goal,” when a soccer player kicks the ball into his team’s goal, instead of theirs.

In this case, the pro-whites are doing the anti-whites’ job for them.

Talk over.

Now get back in there and DO it.