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A Ploy WORKED on You. You Should Be ASHAMED!

I was happy when I saw 33 comments in response to my seventieth birthday article.

Then I was disappointed to find that many if not most of them were wasted in a debate about whether BUGSers are personally virtuous by having enough children.

This is another old tactic. Remember that the other side wants to get on ANYTHING except the Mantra. So they say you should be out having big families if you really care about your race and forget this Mantra thing.

How much good for the future of our race would it do if the few Mantra whites had huge families and did not concentrate on the Mantra? It wouldn’t do our race any good, but talking about it sure helps the anti-whites.

I can’t BELIEVE you wasted so much time on that!

At least one commenter caught the ploy and exposed it.

But the whole seminar gets a string of Fs for letting this crap roll on.

Another indicator is when someone refers to “Bob Whitaker’s writings.” You can read Dave and tell at once that he is referring to SPECIFIC points I made.

I cut off the black guy because he was not READING our point of view.

By definition, a COMMENT is on something one has READ.

But let’s return to the basic topic here:

That string of Fs for letting someone get you off topic by arguing you are not a good kid if you don’t have lots of kids.

How in the HELL did you fall for that!?

The old North Carolina saying has a deep meaning here:

You’re ugly, your feet stink, and you don’t love Jesus.” It is a false quote that makes a point.

The point is that a stupid person reacts to any opinion he dislikes by assuming that the disagreer is evil in all ways. What we are dealing with here is a related point: a person trying to justify HIMSELF rather than his POINT. So this person attacks White Rabbit on not having children:

“Are you a REAL, a GOOD white person?”

NEVER fall into that trap.

The point is not WR. The point is not about Bob Whitaker being a saint or a scumbag.

The point is the Mantra. And when you allow yourself to get off white genocide and onto whether you are good or fecund or your feet stink, you are being a friggin’ MORON.



Threescore and Ten, Part 2

The really hard part of the budget crisis in the white world is steadily making it worse. More and more people like me have sizable pensions and will be living on them for decades to come.

If we had not had the Green Fashion in the 60s and 70s and 80s and up to now, the normal increase in white population would have solved at least half of this problem. But as whites opened up their borders and closed down their maternity wards, those of us who were out of fashion were saying that it was fun to follow a guy with a guitar singing about Beloved Mother Nature and How Many Roads Must a Man Walk Down.

In all the Love and Peace and Tolerance, anybody who pointed out that we would have to PAY for this crap was strictly not cool.

So we now have what any adult would have seen in my youth. The problem was, of course, there were no adults in the Greatest Generation and the Boomers it raised. They all wanted to be seen as really hep and Kids At Heart.

They succeeded. Nobody above the mental age of ten would have made the world they did.

So now we have what those of us who look down on Martin Luther the King said we would.

We have a mass of old whites who inherited a First World standard of living from the generations prior to the Weakest Generation. It never occurred to any of them that these “sacrifices” for the third world and Mother Earth would be borne by THEM.

It was fashionable to say that the problems predicted by a few like me would not happen and to actually believe since no one, least of all the membership of the NAACP, ever actually BELIEVED that non-whites would ever produce anything but a third world economy, that they would be safely dead before the bill came in.

So we have a huge population of voters with first-world expectations in retirement money sitting on top of a population that is only counting time before it becomes a third-world population.

Which is what WE said.

In fact, this reality has developed so much over the past two generations that even a few isolated PROFESSIONAL COMMENTATORS have mentioned it.

These old white people VOTE. And in real politics, that is all that matters.

They vote, like good Weakest Generation types, for anything Mommy Professor declares Politically Correct.

But only if that one thing is Politically Correct

All that bullshit about the Beloved Environment and Our Black Brethren is fine as long as it doesn’t affect OUR MONEY. AARP makes a practical tradeoff with Mommy Professor’s kids: Our giant vote supports your causes and you make sure we get a first world retirement level until your world accepts ITS third-world status.