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War Room?

I hate to fiddle with anything that works.

But I have just thought of changing the name of General Comments, now GC7, to The War Room. I would like some opinions on this from you.

Please accept this as a compliment. I have very seldom had the luxury of consulting with people I respected. White Rabbit told me about the other day about the term “going viral.” He says this is a big term now and he looked it up on Google and found numerous references to it.

My reaction was to tell him that he would have to spend fifty years fighting uphill to empathize with how wonderful it is for me to be talking to someone who understands the critical importance of two words.

For all these decades I have dealt with people who deal in tomes, and who only think in terms of their particular Wordist obsessions. It is a feeling of liberation from a lifetime albatross to exchange ideas with somebody who simply understands that, in active political warfare, or for that matter, in the market, a few words are critical where no one will read the pages 300-313 of the book organizations destroy themselves fighting over.

As one commentator pointed out, the amount of time the Army took to develop “Be All That You Can Be,” and then the time and cost they devoted to developing “An Army of One” was prodigious

Coca-Cola spent hundreds of millions of dollars trying to keep others from using the word “Coke” for a soft drink. They spent stupendous sums trying to keep others from using the word “Cola.”

And in the course of a comment, one BUGSTER mentioned that when it comes to words, long is a dime a dozen and short is enormously expensive.

But my message here is not that you got this, but what a wonderful feeling it is to see you absorbing concepts like that and tucking them comfortably into what you say.

OK, I’ll get maudlin and say “Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen.” But after decades of fighting to get people to understand these basics and fit them into their routine procedure, it IS a little hard for you to understand how great the feeling is to see you not only just plain GETTING this, but tossing it in as part of your chain of logic.

In the case of changing the name of GC to War Room, the people I worked with all these years — God bless them, they knew not what they did — would toss a coin and go on to the important stuff.

I can’t quite get over the fact that I am talking to thousands of people who actually understand why such a “simplistic” question is critical.