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Hold Me Back! Hold Me Back!

In my youth I heard that a lot. Some guy was trying to act macho and he yelled for others to hold him back.

As you know, coaches are not particularly known for being delicate with their team. As I told you, when I did something particularly stupid, as my attention deficit would make me do, Coach would yell out, for every single person at practice to hear,

“Feel around you, Whitaker, maybe you’re still in bed!!!”

So I am gentle. Also, as I have pointed out before, the kind of person who gets all personally insulted and takes his toys and goes home is someone, as I have learned from bitter experience, that you do NOT want on your team.

The title of this piece is a good example of coach-type diplomacy when he is dealing with his team.

I get a negative feeling whenever I see someone give a web site and say it might be a good location for OTHERS to try.

Hold ME back! Just Hold me back!

One of the basic differences between BUGS and Stormfront is that we are IN the battle.

There may be cases where you hold back for a reason. Then GIVE the REASON.

You may want to consult with our team first. There are many reasons you may hold back, but the motto of BUGS is GET IN THERE! So you should explain why you are theorizing on an action site.

Feel around you.

Maybe you’re still in bed.