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For Our Rulers, the End of Censorship is the End of the Regime

People are often confused when they discuss when the legalization of Christianity took place in Rome and when Rome was declared officially Christian.

To us, even today, a couple of decades after the event, it is hard to say when Gorbachev legalized samizdat opinions and when the Soviet Regime actually collapsed.

Future historians will have the same problem with us.

For Political Correctness, the day it allows arguments against it to go public will not be very different from the day it collapses as thoroughly as the USSR has.

Nothing they say makes any SENSE.

That does not matter as long as they have their thugs and Thought Police in place.

But that is the problem with an isolated power group no one is allowed to disagree with. That is the strength of free speech and the fatal weakness of censorship. A group whose opinions only have to be lauded by others in the same group, behind a phalanx of suppression, gets sillier and sillier and sillier.

When it is exposed to light, it collapses.

By the time Christianity got so powerful that it was legalized, it had had to gain such a foothold in the population that outlawing opposition was easy. In fact, Constantine himself built more “pagan” temples than he did churches.

Constantine was called “the bishops of bishops” by those who formalized the official Nicene Creed. But he not only was no bishop, he was not a priest. He was, in fact, not even baptized. Constantine was bishop of bishops whose word was the unquestioned final appeal in doctrinal matters because he was the Emperor.

Constantine wanted the Christian Church united and then established as his ally in uniting the Empire. The real history would be fascinating to know.

At this remove, with the temporal provincialism of the History Industry, the fact that Constantine dealt almost equally with other major religions battling Christianity in his realm is simply ignored. But Constantine was making a transition, step by step, as we are, with forces that will be as forgotten as the Party Line will be in Moscow in a little while.

Even while the Soviet Union was still in power, Solzhenitsyn points out that “Nobody in the Soviet Empire takes Marxism seriously. The only people who take Marxism seriously are Western Intellectuals.”

Now listen, his POINT of saying this was that the minute you get rid of enforced censorship, the USSR is history.

He was dead right.

Our regime, like other dead ones who ended up leaning entirely on forms of censorship, is dead from the moment it decreases the pressure. It is not long before that which is developed behind a wall of censorship gets to where it cannot survive without that censorship, like a native species faced with superior import.

If being samizdat is whining, then we will whine the bastards to death.