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Thanks, Dick!

Dick_Whitman on 4/9/2011:
There’s a lot of logic in penalizing the anti-White financially instead of physically.

1) America will be able to pay of the national debt and foreign creditors.

2) Money can be used to encourage the creation of large White families.

3) Money can be channeled into innovative industries to help develop renewable energy.

But there’s also a more practical reason related to defeating the anti-Whites. Anyone who has studied international relations has probably read about the theory of democratic peace. This is the theory that claims that democracies don’t fight each other.

The point I’m getting at here relates to the transition period from non-democracy to democracy. Researchers discovered that the transition was faster and easier when the old (non-democratic) leaders were given a future in the new regime. IOW, the leaders who knew they were facing death were willing to fight it out to the end.

By relying on financial penalization, this will give many of the anti-White leaders an out and not push them to fight it out to the end. In fact, the earlier the anti-Whites come clean, the better it will be for them. Anti-Whites will be given opportunities to make deals if they agree to work for pro-Whites in bringing other anti-Whites to justice.

Of course, there are some anti-Whites who are in “too deep” and all the money in the world won’t be able to help them. Law and criminal justice is not my area of expertise so I won’t comment further on this.

To any anti-Whites reading this, I suggest you think (real hard) about how you can start impressing us. Because at some point it will be too late to come clean.

I had never heard the term “democratic peace.” But it is true that the last time two countries with freely elected legislatures fought each other was the Civil War.

My first book was, according to a Fellow of the Royal Society, the best summary of American history ever written. One major point it made was that the old establishment of big business surrendered to the new liberal “education-welfare” establishment peacefully, so the old corporate establishment still has the lesser role, but it still exists as conservatives and limousine liberals.

The South, on the other hand, was destroyed for generations.

A major point of the book was which way the education-welfare establishment would go, totally unyielding or fitting into a world where its policies, however absurd, would be pursued ruthlessly.

A money strategy also simply LASTS longer than the torchlight parades and trials dreamed of by so many Stormfronters. If each person who exposes anti-white action gets just a percentage of the CIVIL penalties it will be as lasting as the Holocaust Industry and Affirmative Action.

Thanks, Dick, this is an expansion on my suggestions, a thing I particularly appreciate.