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When Did the USSR Fall?

While respectable conservatives were impressing their readers with untranslated French and comparisons of Marxism with free market authors I, as usual was a pain in the ass who wanted to get serious.

I fought the Cold War, literally, I SAW the Soviet Empire and the walls around it, the ones that predated and were not just the Berlin Wall.

A segregationist Southerner by the 1970s spent full time groveling and announcing his errors to the world and hoping to find a buyer.

I noticed that everything we had predicted happened exactly as we Alarmists had predicted. Unlike about all other Southern pros, I never told anybody once that integration was a good idea. James Jackson Kilpatrick, who had written a pro-segregation book, dismissed it all ten years later in a column saying “I’ve got rid of all my Southern prejudices.”

A reintegration in the generation before neoconservatives.

The Tea Party cows finally found their way to denouncing neoconservatives. EVERYBODY denounces neoconservatives. But neoconservatives are the ones who get PAID. So all paid respectable (redundant) anti-liberals stick to the straight neoconservative line and deny vehemently they are neoconservatives.

I saw no reason to be a neo anything.

I had been right and my side lost the war.

Not a new realization for a Southerner.

So I went to work to get rid of the entire Soviet Empire. There were at least two parts to this. First you had to be one of the very few who knew the weaknesses of the USSR. I went to the graduate school where the only people who saw the real Communist economies for what they were and fought the CIA, the established economists, everybody, and were dead right, taught.

I took Soviet Economics under one of Goldwater’s two top economic advisors, who went over there regularly and knew the score.

I worked in Intelligence, and found that the Soviet Union invented NOTHING while the United States had been scrambling to “catch up” with Soviet technology after the launching of Sputnik in 1957.

The Sputnik rocket was the usual copy of American technology and several like it were sitting in the US warehouses before Sputnik went up.

And, lastly, I knew that the only POLIITICAL combination that could elect someone who really wanted to get rid of the USSR and knew the score could be elected by overcoming the Bushes and Fords who refused to appeal to the ten million Wallace voters.

So I concentrated on that. I wrote the defining book on the Populist side. As the review in National Review said, “Mr. Whitaker is unique because his voice is coming from INSIDE the Populist Movement.” Everybody theorized about the Wallace vote. I spoke for them.

Once Reagan got through with the Soviet Union for eight years, there is confusion about the exact date when the USSR actually disappeared. One news program showed the Russian flag flying over the Kremlin instead of the hammer and sickle, but nobody on the street was sure what country they were in.