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Chasing Tornados

In my 1976 book I described the establishments that had ruled America.

The planter aristocracy ruled until 1861. There was not a single president before the Civil War who served two terms who was not a Southerner.

Then what I today call the “old establishment” took over, aka, the military industrial complex.

The planter aristocracy was destroyed utterly in a war. The old establishment became the junior of our two-headed establishment, political conservatives

The new establishment I called the education-welfare establishment. That was in charge in 1976 and is in charge now.

One Oxford professor, a Member of the Royal Society, said it was the best summary of American history he had ever read.

Even the establishment critics were amazingly complimentary. The Library Journal recommended it.

There are wild factual errors in it, but in such a complete generalization, they didn’t matter. Nobody had any trouble recognizing the outline I was describing.

Never has anything split the National Review down the middle like that book. They had a review of it entitled “Read This One,” and they had a COVER article attacking me and including Pat Buchanan and other big names, in short, my clique’s strategy to appeal to the Wallace vote.

But, as always, with all that discussion the most important thing about the book got no discussion whatsoever. Having gone through the establishments of history, I was in a position to give an outline of the next one.

It even relates to the News!

The Japanese nuclear catastrophe is being used to the max by the Windmill Crowd. Their vision of the future is a stagnant, planned world with professors, aka Intellectuals, in charge.

Our first establishment went from Jefferson and Jackson to a plain group of slavocrats. The group that overthrew them in the end was not coherent enough to have a party until 1855, when the Republicans were formed.

Even in the 1920s you would have seen no evidence of the Mommy Professor regime on the thoroughly conservative campuses that depended on big money for their survival. Then it appeared, like the Republican Party, apparently out of nowhere and was in power a few years later.

What I predicted was naturally vague, but it was an establishment formed by opposition to a planned, stagnant world. Part of the planned, stagnant world program is a militant cutting of funding for scientific research, the space program, and any new technology.

And I have said, my job today is entirely to take hints like that and develop them while everybody else is screaming at each other about the length of Gaddafi’s beard.

Seeing the next establishment is a lot like chasing tornadoes. You can clearly see a tornado condition, you can see the clouds which are likely to extend to the ground in a funnel, but you don’t know until the funnel forms. But you can’t predict a Republicans Party or a New Deal specifically,

It always comes as a complete surprise.

So your “intellectuals” and professional commentators make their living sitting and discussing the latest weather reports.