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Three Little Words for Us and One Little Word that Would Change History

Let Coach once again go over a play you need to be reminded of, to use when YOU think it is best.

One commenter in GC6 just reminded me of it.

It’s three little words: “in your opinion.”

The basics cannot be repeated too often.

If someone calls you a racist or a Nazi or a White Supremacist, you want a short, Mantra-thinking reply. Something that is, like the Mantra, so obviously true that it stops any debate or diversion the anti-white could make with it.

You simply state that “You mean that if I oppose genocide against my race it means that IN YOUR OPINION I am a (Nazi, racist, whatever).”

This also made me think how one word could do wonders for correcting history.

That word is “recorded.”

One historian pointed out that the Romans got soap from “Roman Gaul.” This is true. They used to scrape the dirt off with volcanic rock in their Baths. But it had been used by the GAULS since time immemorial.

What is true is that soap’s first RECORDED use was in Roman Gaul.

If you read the internet, over and over someone will quote that such and such a thing was INVENTED someplace in the Middle East. The problem is that 1) the Middle East was where all the researches were since Christianity became the official religion of Rome, and 2) the Middle East is EMPTY.

History is exactly opposite from our daily experience. Usually we don’t notice something when it is in a place we never go. Archeology CONSISTS of going places you never go.

History is lost in living lands, lands where a Great Civilization didn’t die permanently, and by some strange coincidence, where the population is still white. Living lands built right over their earlier civilizations. But the Middle East is like a skeleton. Cities are abandoned, the extensive irrigation Iraq had in its white Babylonian days are gone, leaving the a land of bare bones where nothing is buried.

With carbon dating and all the other technology, we are beginning to find the true age of Stonehenge and a giant wooden bridge across the Thames near London that dates to 1500 BC. If you read standard history, the barbarians couldn’t use the opposable thumb that far back, much less have built that bridge or have had the forgotten huge traffic such a bridge would be built for.

History comes from archeology and archeology dictates the history of technology.

And it is laughably wrong. Nothing is changing faster than history.

The ridiculous excuse for a history of invention could have avoided some of this by the simple use of the word “recorded,” as in “the earliest RECORDED writing is found in Egypt.” But the archeologist insisted, EACH TIME, that whatever they found in the bare bones of Middle Eastern white civilization did not represent what they found, but what was FIRST.

Basing history on what you happen to stumble across is not an intelligent error.