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Disagreeing With American Renaissance

Much of my time and strength have been wasted over the decades by personal conflicts in groups, I have helped get many an organization on its feet at some effort to see it torn apart this way.

Such conflict is hard on the nerves and has blighted my whole time in the struggle.

You will note that no leader of a major group in our coalition has attacked me. Jared Taylor’s group, for example, has not actually attacked us.

Jared ignores me. All through my political career, those who genuinely believed they might get a good point of view into the mainstream have disclaimed me. When I was out on the streets with the populist Wallace Democrat-type movements even Stan Evans kept his distance from me.

National Review split into two camps: One side, led by their publisher, Bill Rusher, declared I was the champion of the only way to win, hence Jeffrey Hart’s review of my book which he titled, “Read This One!”

At the SAME TIME, in 1976, there was a cover article in National Review attacking me and all who sided with me. This came from the Buckley side.

Buckley and Rusher had twin offices opposite each other on the top floor of the NR Building. On Whitaker NR was split right down the middle.

Jared Taylor is working on the pro-white side. David Duke is a good friend of his.

I do not edit comments from genuine BUGS people, but I would very much appreciate it if commenters would refrain from personal insults or questioning personal motivations of people who are out there trying their own approaches.

The National Alliance used to have its big meetings in New Orleans. The year New Orleans disappeared all of us went to the American Renaissance Convention. Dr. Duke was very upset when a Jewish couple were invited by Jared and David denounced what they said as the Solid and Standard Neoconservative Line in the meeting where they spoke.

But David, who worries about damned few people’s opinions of him, was genuinely concerned that he had proved a bad guest at Taylor’s convention. We spoke at length after that meeting and David Duke made it clear to me that 1) He was absolutely appalled at Taylor for allowing this, and 2) He was a friend and admirer of Taylor’s, with whom he had worked for many years.

David is a pro. He can be terribly and deeply upset with someone without going to pieces over it. He can be furious about a person’s actions and still judge the person fairly.

BUGS is a seminar. This is where we learn to act like pros. Jared Taylor is taking an approach which could not be more different from that of BUGS and, for that matter, very divergent from that of David Duke. Mr. Taylor has his neck stuck out like the rest of us do.

There are anti-whites and there are pro-whites. Jared Taylor is pro-white. Jared Taylor is vouched for by the one professional on our side whom I know well and respect.

I am sick to death of squabbles and calling each other names.

Lord knows, we have so few people on Planet Earth with whom we can RESPECTFULLY disagree.

Let’s keep it respectful.